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I like the Visvim shoes. I want one.for me, I would wear a more lighter wash of denim or I would loose the shirt and wear a grey knit or a flecked light blue knit.I would also loose the sunglasses because your hair is soo well groomed.
there is this really cute waiter in the Japanese restaurant that I now frequently eat at. I get goose bumps whenever he sets my order on the table. And I now, I only order non sushi items coz if I order something with raw fish, I get nasty thoughts
Last night I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought two bath tub hair catcher and a shower curtain liner. At the register, the cashier asks if I need a gift receipt. Really?
I'm craving for some shrimp tempura
teh shade of your lipstick and plastic cup is too matchy matchy
Villa Escudero Restaurant- what's more relaxing than eating with your hands, barefoot and letting the river tickle your toes infront of a waterfall. caramelized fried plantains and fresh young coconut juice.....sooo goood
I always dreaming seeing myself wearing a wifebeater, cut-up jean shorts, leather sandals, and sunglasses sitting at the Spanish Steps eating gelato just waiting my old man to pick me up
hahaha...you're funny, I like you
It's just a look from the recent Prada fall/winter 2013 which is made up of a jumper, trouser, and a shirt with the hem sticking out.
I like this, it's called the Pradaddy look. You should untuck the shirt and let the shirt hem stick out.Pradaddy
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