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thanks for all the likes guys. I didn't know sucking in my gut would make a big difference.
The styling of each look is too literal bordering in costume and there's not much design with each garment that for sure will cost 5K each.
I agree with you Noctone. a couple of hats for a t shirt and jeans look Mr Kim Marc Jacobs
My favorite looks from my top 5 collection for Spring 2014 Prada This is the most "street" influenced collection I have seen from Prada. Relaxed silhouettes with interesting Hawaiian inspired prints reminiscent of the 50s. Marc Jacobs Very easy pieces with relaxed and classic shapes, young and vibrant prints and colors Walter Van Beirendonck My favorite design idea of the whole season are the jackets with the "interior of a room" graphic print. Great use of...
Mr. Kim hat DIY shirt Gap jeans Frye woven leather chukkas Cheap Monday transparent sunnies Prada tote bag Shirt deets: navy blue & white Turkish tile print
what is you and who is your customer should say something about your brand name How about Jake Spadavano like a spoof of Jack Spade
Happy 4th of July! Comme des Garcons patchwork shirt Gap camouflage cargo shorts Frye woven leather boat shoes deets: patchwork
feeling a little more All England Clubby and less Blackhawksy shirt deets: green grid
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