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I don't usually wear leather jackets, but the price on this is too good to pass Can you guess how much? A) $80 B) $120 C) $800 D) $1200
oooh chicago meetup sounds fun did you go to Big Star?
I got 2 of my favorite pieces from the Marc Jacobs sale sweater bag
it will be interesting to see how you would style this. post fit pic please
inspiration: Marc Jacobs Spring 2002 deets
I got this for 80 bucks! Not him, the leather jacket. best bargain purchase ever
do you guys know that you can buy stuff marked down 85% off
inspiration: male secretary, librarian deets
that looks Dahli-esque King Julien
last week I wanted to get this sweater from Marc Jacobs. They have my size in the store but its on hold for someone and the sales associate said its gonna be on hold for a while because this customer was sick. This week, I called the store if the sweater was sold, however it's still on hold. Me thinks they are holding the sweater until it goes on sale next week. I can't believe they can actually hold items for 3 weeks!
New Posts  All Forums: