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I needed this
Here in the Chitown, the trend is guys wearing floral crowns.
Jet, after seeing you in a colorful floral tank and swim shorts, i know you have it in you to be experimental or adventurous.
I like that its lapel and collar less. It's clean and modern. Maybe to make it more interesting, wear it with a woolen charcoal grey cargo pants with combat boots or a patterned woolen pant in hound's tooth or herringbone. Underneath the jacket, maybe something with texture like a black mohair knit, or a lurex knit, or a crinkled silk red tartan shirt paired with a light blue denim jeans
I like this jacket a lot. Velveteen fabric is perfect for fall and it's kinda romantic cut as a M65 field jacket. The robin blue color looks good on your coloring and it makes you look like a charming prince from a fairy tale. Maybe Captain Smith of Pocahontas, anyways, I would style it with a skinny printed silk scarf and fine wale corduroy jeans in burgundy or brown.
Sunday night at the movies
DIY AsyPop (asymmetrical popover) shirt Gap canvas jeans Vans grey leather sneakers lifestyle: Brunello outlet buffet contemplating which buffet counter to go next after consuming all those calories, I need to bootypop
I'm at the newly opened outlet mall and there is a line that wraps around to get in the Tory Burch store
shirt deets
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