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teh shade of your lipstick and plastic cup is too matchy matchy
Villa Escudero Restaurant- what's more relaxing than eating with your hands, barefoot and letting the river tickle your toes infront of a waterfall. caramelized fried plantains and fresh young coconut juice.....sooo goood
I always dreaming seeing myself wearing a wifebeater, cut-up jean shorts, leather sandals, and sunglasses sitting at the Spanish Steps eating gelato just waiting my old man to pick me up
hahaha...you're funny, I like you
It's just a look from the recent Prada fall/winter 2013 which is made up of a jumper, trouser, and a shirt with the hem sticking out.
I like this, it's called the Pradaddy look. You should untuck the shirt and let the shirt hem stick out.Pradaddy
Ryan Gosling's look in the movie The Place Beyond the Pines http://vimeo.com/63127142
Can't wait for summertime, these are my must haves: a red chambray shirt: move over blue chambray! Red chambray is here to make a splash. It looks great on many different types of skin tones. This fabric is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy. Wear with dark denims and light chinos. JCrew red chambray shirt Gap's 1969 slim canvas pants: I Love this, just got 3 pairs in different colors and planning to get more in other colors. Very flattering cut and light weight...
APK, gorilla face just eat a banana or do whatever with it that will make you happy please
Stan, I would like to see you in theseOrlebar Brown teeMarni printed linen pantsPaul Smith leather sandalsand to keep you warm during a dinner date with your darling, throw in this Simon Miller linen cardi
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