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everything works even with the patented grey Margielasthat's all you ate? That's why you so skinny
I want a sweater with an interesting graphic. Which one do you guys think looks nicer or
I like it with the orange tank. It would be awesome if you can add a pink in there somewhere maybe a pink tee underneath the orange tank or a pink chucks.
Marc Jacobs straw hat DIY jumbo gingham shirt with draped knit sleeves Gap t-shirt and jeans Cole Haan leather wingtip sneakers Marc Jacobs bag
I like good food and then good sex. heck yeah I like to do it dirty
I have my eyes on the brown scarf version I saw at Barneys the other day. The studded fair isle sweater looks nice too but it's like $2400..yikes
This is what I always picture Regis wearing when he is not in Margielas.
just an observation st itchy, how come you never notice my fit pics huh?
The broomstick makes the outfit look very Barenia Venezia.
I like this, it's quirky & fun. Who is the maker of the cargo pants?
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