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Hi guys! Today is Miuccia Prada's birthday and in honor of her birthday, which design of Prada nylon bag would you use Tote Messenger thank you
too late, I got the top one.
which color way is better? Top Bottom
did you guys see my video clips of my trip to Barneys?
I went to Barneys to return something. Part 1: Cedar Hotel https://vimeo.com/65700692 Part 2: Viagra Triangle https://vimeo.com/65701275 Part 3: Hugo's Frog Bar https://vimeo.com/65701772 Part 4: " I rike to return something prease " https://vimeo.com/65702024
it's Tuesday so I don't think the place will be busy to capture some action clips
I just got a new phone and its got a video camera in it. I'm gonna be playing with it and take some short clips around town today and I'll post them later. Any places (stores, restau, etc) in Chicago you guys would like to see?
this one is sexy and its only 88 dollarshttp://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/clothes-dressy-tees/27773084.jsp
Ashley wearing vintage Dior is my pick for best look last night.
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