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feeling a little more All England Clubby and less Blackhawksy shirt deets: green grid
DIY brown oxford shirt w/ contrast floral print sleeves Gap navy blue cotton cargo shorts Frye grey woven leather chukkas shirt deets
Teapot, is that the Nordstrom Rack near Michigan Avenue?
I can't wait to see Man of Steel ! dude wearing vintage Marc Jacobs Superman cashmere sweater
the material of the bucket hat and jacket is too matchy-matchy. Maybe a bucket hat with a print. The shirt is too dressy for the look you are going for and the belt looks office-cy. Maybe a brown leather belt with a rustic look with like a braided detail or a D ring buckle. Maybe suede chukkas or a plain leather oxford shoes.
I like the jacket it's cute. What's the maker?
happy birthday Tweeny
after dinner, I got stuck in traffic for a good 20 minutes because of a naked bicyclist parade. Never seen so much flopping deeks in my life
artisanal-artificial, handmade-manmade, fromage frais
It looks better when worn like in this pic. And what I like about it is its not heavy but will still be warm for winter. Also the weathered/ lived in look of the leather is great because I think a great leather jacket has to have history like you've worn it so many times during many life experiences and situation that it has become a part of you like a second skin. That's why I don't like wearing leather jackets because of this, you need to have a certain persona to make a...
New Posts  All Forums: