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It was nice to meet you too Oski. even though it was a little uncomfortable because it was just after I finished you know.... You look taller, darker, and handsomer in person than you look in your fit pics. Maybe if I'm in the are one day during your lunch breaks, we can go grab something to eat.
What do you mean by colabear-type comments huh?!
Lucky Brand military linen jacket Gap jeans and tee Paul Smith scarf New Balance 1300 scarf deets
Oo la la Sa Larong lol
Just came out of the newly opened Tom Ford boutique and tried on the Neroli Portifino fragrance....smells soooo gooood mang
cool piece Ken. I'd luv to get one of these in the Prince of Wales pattern
sorry Jet but I already have my next MJ hardon in mind brahahahaha
Luv this MJ's got intentional moth holes all over and a giant safety pin closure. I'm so ready for fall to punk/androgynous it like BradT
coats...really? I'm sweating balls right now
all alone in an empty theater
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