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Movies: I recently saw Blue Jasmine and The Way Way Back Music: currently listening to Lady Gaga's Swine, and Sex Dreams Here is Gaga's Sex Dreams from ITunes festival http://youtu.be/EVOWKk5BKeE
excuse me, did you get those pants on sale? Why?Because at my house, they would be 100% off
after hearing all the brouhaha about monk straps in the WAYWT thread, I got these pair tonight. I luv the bordeaux color which I think will look great with the androgynous/punk looks I plan to wear this fall/winter
I saw this shirt at Barneys Then I saw a lady in the Asian grocery wearing something similar with the fringe hem and all
everything works even with the patented grey Margielasthat's all you ate? That's why you so skinny
I want a sweater with an interesting graphic. Which one do you guys think looks nicer or
I like it with the orange tank. It would be awesome if you can add a pink in there somewhere maybe a pink tee underneath the orange tank or a pink chucks.
Marc Jacobs straw hat DIY jumbo gingham shirt with draped knit sleeves Gap t-shirt and jeans Cole Haan leather wingtip sneakers Marc Jacobs bag
I like good food and then good sex. heck yeah I like to do it dirty
I have my eyes on the brown scarf version I saw at Barneys the other day. The studded fair isle sweater looks nice too but it's like $2400..yikes
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