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I have not heard of that brand Milkin. I have heard of Moogazi.
excuse the chubby cheeks, I had fried chicken dunked in honey-butter last night. Comme des Garcons shirt Gap jeans New Balance 1300 Junya bag
why should I, you don't even reply to my pm I was gonna get this sweater in another colorway but this is the only available in a size 56
Marc Jacobs
ooooh Prada
I want like 2 or 3 more items for fall/winter this Prada gingham ruffled shirt in a blue or this Prada sweater in the maroon/orange/pink colorway need a couple Gap jeans one in a dark wash and a light wash, a Barena Venezia cashmere beanie in carrot color, a pair or Doc Martens combat boots, and that's it.
the same as what you are wearing but made with wool which is nice for colder weather. It also printed with the Hudson Bay blanket stripes which is cute just like your smile
No, this monkey is
I've always wanted a shearling coat like this. Every cool, cute jock in high school wore these and I wanted to be, look just like them. Finally found one that fits and in a good price. I can't wait to wear this when the weather permits This coat was also worn by characters in the 2 movies that I loved Love Story Brokeback Mountain
Comme des Garcons Shirt blazer Nautica stripe crewneck Gap jeans Converse suede sneakers deets
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