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yes, feels good on my nips
how can you chew and suck at the same time. never tried that before
nice jacket
I'm menopaused
grey w/ green stripes lambswool sweater and a red plaid flannel shirt with suede patches. I found this bear beanie which I will be donning in all of my fit pics from now on as my signature look
was gonna post a fit pic but my face is all puffy and gained 5 lbs in 5 days
I'm not a turkey fan....Happy Thanksgiving guys
http://chicago.racked.com/archives/2012/11/14/margiela-for-hm.php I hope they still have an XL of that scarf sweater when I stop by on Monnday
a DIY spoof of Maison Martin Margiela 10 Maison Martin Moarjelly Milk&Oats M65: olive cotton twill field coat lined with milk sheep fur with contrast oat cashmere 2 piece sleeve PB&J wallet PB&J necklace
New Posts  All Forums: