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DIY shirt Gap shorts Timberland boots Balenciaga bag
Huh...wut? I'm trying to analyze the role/character in the costume he's wearing, but can't do it without the shoes
what part do you play? more importantly, wut shoes you wearing?
I like the jacket and pants but worn separately. Craving for sushi now
I would remove the shawl collar shirt and the henley underneath and just wear a black tank and the vest. You got the physique for it anyway
Wore it today with one of my DIY shirts and it actually works. Several people gave me weird looks, complimented by a couple of people and one girl pointed at me and says pika pika so to each his own
Being inspired by AlgisLT's blue jeans & white tee look got me searching for espadrilles and a statement necklace
I like this, I'm feeling this white tee & blue jeans look right now.Maybe jazz it up with a silver necklaceand these Guiseppes
5 zip and pookeymon....the irony
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