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luv the aubergine fit filoninoWelcome back King Julien!!
Patrick Ervell parka from Notre. This place carries many brands that you guys like Here is a rack of some of their Visvim offering
what I wanted for Christmas but unfortunately didn't get.....a vacuum
great job on the dye job. I'm thinking of dyeing my camo cargo pants black too. Do you have to wash the pants a few times to get rid of the excess dye before wear. I'm afraid of getting black balls hehehe....I guess it's not bad to get black balls if it comes with a black d_ck to go with it ; €
I'm sorry but what makes you think to believe that what I'm wearing looks like something of a "hand-me-downs from your older brother and are hoping to grow into them" I'm sorry but I bought this trench coat back in 2003 with my own moneys that I worked hard for. Yeah it may be a little outdated as I bought it in 2003 but in fashion, what is old is new again. As a matter of fact here is a copy of a receipt as a proof to prove you wrong about this matter SMH
I've always wanted a bottle green felted wool long coat and a herringbone tweed zip up jacket for years. I searched long and hard for years but with no luck. Even my fave designer, Marc Jacobs never made them or something similar. I even thought of making them myself but without the right fabrics never came to fruition. Then low and behold, my dreams came to reality thanks to The Real Real I now own both of my grail pieces of men's clothing. bottle green felted wool...
what's frumpy with a black tench coat? It may look wide coz I wore it casually unbuttoned.
I kinda like how the sleeves are long, it keeps my sausage fingers nice and toasty from ze cold wetha. Also stays true to ze Marc Jacobs spirit of imperfection/nonchalant style.Ze jeans are like 5/8 of an inch long but you know it's denim.Thank you though for the input with no thumbs And thanks to noob for the thumb
Marc Jacobs trench coat Polo RL grey/green striped lambswool sweater Polo RL jeans Converse leopard printed sneakers trench coat lining print deets
New Posts  All Forums: