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I'm fat
Stan's doughnut-ing it now
I'm DIY-ing a piece specially for this
have you guys eaten @ a Nando's peri peri chicken? The art direction is very Kapital
I like Marc Jacobs, it's my favorite designer brand. I shop at the SF, Mercer St, and Chicago locations, but the hot store manager in Chicago, Andrew already left the company and it's all girls in the store now. I also go to my local Barneys specially during the sales. Robbie the cute sa is cool. The Gap for all the basics like jeans, layering tees, and I'm loving their selections of button down shirts for the past few seasons. I also like Marshall's and Nordstrom Rack. I...
DIY pink oxford shirt w/ contrasting sailor stripe knit sleeves and trompe l' oeil vest Gap jeans Frye woven leather boat shoes Marc Jacobs tote bag bonus: the girl in front of me in line at Marshall's
Billionaire Boys Club varsity (Harris Tweed/metallic leather) Marc Jacobs shirt Gap khakis Vans sneakers
gonna wear this tee for M tomorrow http://youtu.be/TR4WMLyVCYo
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