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I like how you played with the subtle prints but kept the color monochrome and I luv the flower pin...so romantic.Wish you can change the shoes to a tan like something like this floral printed suede to compliment the blues
looking very dashing!
crab & corn my fave snails ravioli pig's face with egg on top goat empanadas summer lovers cocktail = an hour on the treadmill tonight
I thought it was some Asian symbol for male fertility
well this just shows that I don't eat at these fancy schmancy restaurants not unless someone else is paying
tonight's dinner some salad with some funky tasting cheese on it a plate of rice & fish with truffles in it that's what the waiter said, but I couldn't taste any chocolatey flavor
this may or may not be my official entree for this challenge. This is what I'm wearing today and I found a full length mirror deets "low flying dove"
I've seen bits and pieces of Annie Hall when I was a kid during those Saturday afternoon movies that played in the local channel. I was so drawn to Dianne Keaton's style in that movie, it was very Armani. Then I scanned through it for a class in college. One of this days, I will try to see it in completion.
if you want to see something opposite from all the big budget, special effects-laden movies of the summer, I recommend Magic in the Moonlight by Woody Allen. I love all his films since Matchpoint to Midnight in Paris, and most recently Blue Jasmine. They're all smart, a good sense of humor, sweet and very nice to look at like a Stanley Van Buren or a Marc Jacobs of the film world. the film is befitting to the new song and music video of...
meant to post this last monday but SF stopped working. Feliz Dia de la Independencia, PERU!! ( not where I'm from) peru fud sum frida (not where she's from)
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