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Who me?wanna go private?
It looks comfy, that's what matters right? And I like the cap, r u a new yorka?
I think ur cute
Yesterday my fat DIY shirt Gap jeans Dr Martens Cabrillos Mulberry Ants bag Today Gap Mac Perry Ellis neoprene sweatshirt Gap jeans Dr Martens Cabrillos
okay, as you say so boss and I'm lusting for Ale Mikayli's neoprene sweatshirt but I'm too fat for it
I've been such a Rebel (Wilson) lately and nothing fits me so with a bag, you don't have to be skinny and my current obsession is Gucci, I'm just so in love with Alessandro Michelle
so nothing is interesting me in the clothing department so I'm just been buying bags. Anyone up for a reveal?
coin purse & bracelet
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