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my daily outlook
I've been wearing docs since the 8th grade
I wanted this Marc Jacobs Bast collab shirt from last fall but they only carried it in smaller sizes in the stores. Finally found a XXL at yoox docs
^ how about this one from Paul Smith? It's 20% off right now at Bloomies. It's got an enchanting diamond forest print with little people cruising around. Perfect
I just recently bought a Sa Larong leopard mohair/lurex scarf which will be my scarf for the new season (fall/winter13). However, I just came across a really cool Barena patchwork scarf and this cute heart print scarf from Burberry Prorsum. But just like what someone asked in this forum, "how many scarfs do you own Colabear.". I don't know if I should return & exchange or buy 2 or even all 3. But then again I already know what coats to wear with the Sa Larong scarf and I...
speaking as an elderly reedo when I was your age and in art school, I learned to style and repurpose what clothes I have. It was more creative and fun that way. Then when I first started buying designer clothes, I only buy something if I really like it and also if it's on sale. Now looking back, I would only buy a designer piece if I know I can still wear it 5 or even 10 years from now. And if I want to wear clothes as a form of self expression even at my age I just DIY...
the fabric of this jacket reminds me of the window curtains I saw at the Bed Bad and Beyond. I'm so sorry
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