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an idea just popped in my head...first up, Robert Gellermusical and visual inspirationhttp://vimeo.com/11413343
printed M65 from Club Monaco
SASQUATCHFABRIX EOTOTO...just felt like saying it
Spring, when will you be arriving? I can't wait to start doing some DIY. Visvim, Nigel Cabourn, Robert Geller, I am thinking of you
Joan Crawford muchhttp://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=upc8wWI6F7Y&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dupc8wWI6F7Y
my new dawgy, his name is Bastian
It's Good Friday and I made a bento box Itadakimasu
well sorry if my fashionista lingo annoys you. It's meant to be funny and not so serious just like what fashion should be. I wasn't trying to be like that show, just giving a suggestion to Regis. I think you are just jelly that I think he looks hot and you are....not:foo:
that sucks Nineohtoo. I have put everything you sent me in good use. Those treats fom Vallerios were so yummy that when my brother took a trip to SF recently, I told him to get me some eats there. Have you tried their pimiento bread? sooo good. Pm me your address I want to send you a care package
No, I wasn't kidding and I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable by this comment but I think you are a very appealing guy (no homo) and you can pull off wearing many things that most of us here just can't. Having said that, that doesn't mean those shirts I suggested are tacky or too loud, I mean Christopher Bailey did come up with those designs. I just think they will compliment your Latin flavor. I saw you posted a recent floral print Margiela shirt that you just...
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