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cool piece Ken. I'd luv to get one of these in the Prince of Wales pattern
sorry Jet but I already have my next MJ hardon in mind brahahahaha
Luv this MJ cardi...it's got intentional moth holes all over and a giant safety pin closure. I'm so ready for fall to punk/androgynous it like BradT
coats...really? I'm sweating balls right now
all alone in an empty theater
eating right now
I think Thewho looks more like Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Jab, do you know how to play any of their songs?or a young Adrian
It's this cardi
What?! Who is Ryan? Bam you work for Marc Jacobs?
I wanna share a funny story. I just spoke with a sa from the Marc Jacobs store about a cardigan that I wanted to buy. The only size XL that they have available is being put on hold for Jay Z, yes of Beyonce. But Jay Z decided not to buy it so I get to buy it instead lol
New Posts  All Forums: