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That's not me.
Don't you have a lot of hidden placket jackets already. But I would choose the first one
I saw the movie Rush last night. It was a good movie and a good mens clothing/style inspiration.
original retail of $1500-70% and discountsIt's made of real mink fur with faux mink face
this one is a pretty gryke, it's got ferns sprouting out from it
yeah, you just have to be careful...slippery when wet And being eaten by trolls, I'm not even gonna go there
wow looks very nice and tranquil. Do you ever get an urge to strip buck naked running around doing cartwheels when you're there, synth? I would totally do thatexcept I'm 260 and can't do cartwheels
what I want for Christmas
I'm seriously considering buying this Marc Jacobs mink boa. It's a woman's item but I figured I can make it work by wearing it casually with like an Aran knit sweater and jeans or a tweed blazer with jeans or something like that. I can also get this for cheap coz my friend at Marc Jacobs can hide one for me until the price goes down to 70% off. My only concern is that when I'm walking around town you know that I might signal too affluent and might get mugged (it happened...
thank you, quirky I like that. Jeans are standard fit and very full at the legs so I wanted to keep it loosely stacked on the hem to give it a nonchalant look like what I was going for with the grandpa cardi worn with a vintage looking shirt.
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