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I like it. maybe a Givenchy esque dog print tee instead of the plain whiteSpeaking of dog, I was at at Target on Tuesday buying Halloween candies and saw this wool houndstooth toggle coat for 80 bucks? It looked like something from Marc Jacobs fall 2013. I was gonna get it but decided to pass because of the rope toggles looking cheap.
so very boy next door. I like it
I want to get this red Balenciaga coz I think it will add pop to my fall/winter wardrobe. Can a guy pull off this color bag?
I'm getting bored of doing DIY from repurposed garments. I want to make stuff from original patterns but the fabric selections from the nearest fabric store sucks.
Todd Snyder available @ Mr Porter $ 1995 oops I didn't know you were looking for a "biker" style coat. I only read the beginning part of your post.
Polo Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren is having a sale. It's up to 40 % off today until Tuesday.
Marc Jacobs cashmere scarf Claiborne wool jacket Marc Jacobs wool sweater Gap dark denim jeans New Balance 1400 deets
I usually try to see a film every Monday during my days off and I wanna tell you guys this weird experience I had a month or so ago. A week prior to that Monday, I had a bad experience in 2 different establishments which I will not elaborate on that pissed me off because it was supposed to be my Monday relaxation day and instead, I got stressed because of some people's ignorances. So the following Monday, before I left the house, I was already thinking what I will...
that jacket is really cool and I like how your masks compliment the style of your outfits
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