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got my hair did tonight DIY shirt Gap cargo shorts New Balance 577
^ I changed my mind
Gap shirt & jeans New Balance 577
^ did you snag that from The Real Real?
nice wax-job, are you a swimmer?
I read your responses and I think their a bunch of bullshit particularly nahneun, ridethe cliche and fallen asleep. Let's face it, I'm under appreciated in this forum. With that, I think colabear needs to move on to greener pasture. I feel like a creative directore under appreciated in a fashion house and needs to move to a different fashion house where he can thrive Plus, I don't really see much of the posters that I admire in this forum like Mr. moo, conceptual4est...
Me thinks is because ur cuter I'm just kidding but really I'm surprised that not many replied to my question. Where are the lawyers ( stitchy, Stanley) the outspoken (nahneun, bamchairdance) the styleforum darlings (syntheses, parker) I really would like to hear from you guys. I don't really demand an explanation. Like benesyed mentioned that you are a better poster meaning they likened your post based on your better fits in the past. That you got "friendly" likes because...
I'm sorry Eddie I H8 to do this to you but can you guys enlighten me with why Eddie's recent fit had more thumb likes than Isolation's fit Eddie 14 Isolation 1 and even I tried 9
Mr Kim hat Gap cotton mac artsy tee Burberry Prorsum silk scarf Gap jeans Dr Martens 8053 deets
lovely prints and ur cute
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