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I have the tee shirt version of this printMy childhood nanny used to wear dusters in these style of printed fabrics and now I wear it
I like how you coordinated the pattern and colors of your pants to your background, sir. Visually stunning!
Kid, drop off one shoulder of your tank to attain slutty tank coolnessAnd I like the 2 piece ensemble with the black trim, what brand is that?
Colaver sleeveless flannel shirt w/ asymmetrical tied sleeve detail
I thought laver means to make not necessarily to make poop And we're an American brand so that wouldn't mean anything to us
I'm thinking more like a poppy version of a fleur de lis
Hi guys! So I'm thinking of starting my own little clothing company. So far I have an idea for a logo and a brand. It's gonna be called Colaver pronounced KLAVER with a silent O and strong E. The symbol of our logo is 3 connected letter C and a small letter V that forms a shape of a 3 leaf clover please don't tell me it looks like a micropenis
I'm in love with Shura's debut album Nothing's Real. I feel like back in HS when listening to it My current jam right now: https://youtu.be/8gtREooYQ9w
Hi guys! I've been doodling around an idea for a short sleeve popover shirt with a decorative placket in a shape of a phallus, sort of like a man's version of a décolleté. The length of the phallus placket can be customized depending on your liking or needs. I'm also thinking of doing a contrasting fabric for the shirt body ( yellow oxford cloth) and the phallus placket ( pink poplin). Pardon my drawing since I haven't sketch for ages.
Thank you, it's my fave right now and the leather is so smoothI got this billfold wallet during the Barneys sales that I use along with the bag
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