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I recently saw American Sniper, man that movie was intense. Too graphic and violent for my taste that it put me in a low mood after watching it. I sneaked in to see Paddington Bear since I didn't pay $16 to feel bad plus I get to have a refill of my popcorn and soda
MJ cashmere scarf MJ leather tote
Junya leather jacket size L $266.25 https://www.therealreal.com/products/men/mens-outerwear/leather/junya-watanabe-leather-jacket-2
Barbour x Adidas collab http://www.freshnessmag.com/2014/10/15/barbour-x-adidas-originals-fallwinter-2014-capsule-collection/
Cool, where did you find those photos Rach? Fall 2011 was a great season for MJ's men, but my all time favorite is Fall 2002. I was lucky to get a hold of MJ's first men's bag thanks to a really cool Barneys associate by the name of Gerald who hid the bag for me as soon as it went on sale I also own a bag from Fall 2011. Thanks to my brother who gifted it to me when he asked me what I want for Christmas and I shamelessly told him what I want So I woke up a couple hours...
Hi rach, yes I've seen this bag in person. It's called the Stella bag and it was pretty popular in the early 2000s. Being a big admirer of MJ's designs, I've always wanted to get one of his bags because I was particularly attracted to the push lock hardware which kinda reminds me of the "good ole' days" of classic American designs of the 60s and 70s even though I didn't grew up during that period. I just find it appealing because life then was more simpler and more...
my body smells like this
This Junya leather jacket is rad. Size L $395 @ https://www.therealreal.com/products/men/mens-outerwear/leather/junya-watanabe-leather-jacket-2
I like the teal color of this leather bag and I like that it's hand-held so it can be used like a briefcase to carry a laptop. It's by Marc Jacobs and it's a women's bag. The dimension is 12"h 16"w 4"d so it's a pretty decent size bag. Do you guys think it looks too much of a purse? Thanks
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