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I didn't get coz it was uncomfy to wear
I just left the store and tried on the watch. It's pretty heavy and the crown part keeps poking my hand whenever I move it. It's nice to look at but very uncomfortable to wear.
It is kinda big...47 mm. I just like the look of it with the gold with black and the font style of the numbers. It also kinda look like a Panera
sup Jet Marc Jacobs
grilled barbecue pig's ears are the best, just saying
Hi guys! I just want to ask your thoughts on this watch. I'm not really a big watch fan since I just use my smartphone but this really caught my eye when I was window shopping at this really cool store here in Chicago. Thanks
Some guy in dries pants
The movie theaters. He was with his wife Melody and their bodyguard behind them.
Film director George Lucas wearing a purple shirt
Mix shirt (micro-check & red chambray) 70s "everything but the kitchen sink" shirt a little 70s Cheap Trick musical inspiration http://youtu.be/BJs_L7yq5qE
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