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I've always lusted over the intrecciato woven leather of a Bottega Veneta bag and came across this vintage piece in pristine condition and totally fell in love with it. The wide, soft-structured shoulder strap that is tied in a knot I think perfectly compliments the intrecciato woven leather. You don't find this detail in the newer style bags since they only use lobster clasp metal hardwear these days.
The movie Tazan was OK. I though the costumes of the English soldiers were cool. love the blues and beiges color scheme and the beautiful fabrications of linens and silk shantung with velvet trims. Made me regret not getting the linen John Varvatos military jacket at the Barneys Sale
oooooh I think I'll play H&M kimono shirt $40 RVCA Tiger Tee $10 clearance section of Nordy Rack Polo RL cargo shorts $90 Frye chukkas $90 from Nordy Rack grand total = $230 I beat you by $30, Mr Cowperwood hehehe
Lately, some classic Phil Collins and new Shura http://youtu.be/zKVq-P3z5Vg
H&M x Coachella kimono shirt RVCA Tiger Tee Polo RL cargo shorts Frye woven leather chukkas Bottega Veneta bag
ummm no, I'm not promiscuous and I really don't like d, it's overrated. I mostly hang at the purseforum & madonnanation.
Who me?wanna go private?
It looks comfy, that's what matters right? And I like the cap, r u a new yorka?
I think ur cute
Yesterday my fat DIY shirt Gap jeans Dr Martens Cabrillos Mulberry Ants bag Today Gap Mac Perry Ellis neoprene sweatshirt Gap jeans Dr Martens Cabrillos
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