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pink/brown/floral DIY shirt (too big) Gap jeans Frye woven leather chukkas Balenciaga teal leather bag
I luv this with a sprinkle of chili powder and elotes from the street vendor. Afterwards, I poopoo so good.
FOHO shirt: Full On Hard On shirt, FO=faux + HO= boHO shirt, oxford shirt with contrasting foulard print sleeves and built in pinstripe vest. bringing back good vibrations from the 90s http://youtu.be/-eSN8Cwit_s
feeling inspired http://youtu.be/4BK7-NREsL8
to Prada or not to Puttanesca that is the statement
I'm craving for a cake right now But I alraydy shed 17lbs since the past month and my vintage Comme shirt fits again I'd rather choose Comme for Cake
speaking of Pharrell, I just scored a Billionaire Boys Club x Harris Tweed varsity jacket with silver leather sleeves at Nordy Rack
I don't think it's just being overweight though.apparently, not many of you have dealt with this issue or have seen a discoloration of the inner thighs. Should I post a visual?
Dark Inner Thighs how to prevent them? Recently, I've been noticing a discoloration on my inner thigh area (like a light brown color). I've heard that what causes this is the friction from your skin rubbing like when wearing tight jeans or wearing briefs instead of boxers. I wore boxers since junior high but I started wearing briefs a few years ago when my gut started getting big and my boxers would just fall off because of it. Thoughts about it?
Eeewww gross it looks like a vahg. I dunno if you are into that I mean in a real vahg not a backpack that looks like vahg
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