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It's nice. Is it made of Melton wool?
On the prowl for some Peking duck Barbour sage Beaufort Marc Jacobs cashmere Tiger sweater w/ matching scarf Polo RL jeans Doc Martens
Cray Green
In my fave cola
Filson Macaroni Cruising Jaques C Lambswool crewsweat Ralph Lipschitz jeans Marc Jacobes cashskully Saint Larong mohair skerf Nurse Martens
Craig Red
II only went out to do some post holiday shopping so I wore jeans to be comfy. I wear size 42 waist nowadays and it's hard to find more fashiony bottoms in that size. Any recommendations?
Polo RL quilted hunting jacket James Perse long sleeve slub tee(no vis) Polo RL jeans Engineered Garments shawl, hat Timberland boots Junya bag, Fendi bug deets
how come the pic looks fine on my IPad?
Dries Van Noten porka Vince double layer reversible long sleeve tea Gap jeans Marc Jacobs knit scarf Balenciaga day messenger Doc Martens 8053
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