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me too.The Thai toast is uninspired, bland, and generic, and the skykom is very I dunno, Euro?
Not everyone has a budget or available time traveling to Tokyo or Paris, but you can still have a quick escape from your tiring daily routine. By wearing "getaway" clothes, trying out a new ethnic cuisine, and experiencing culture via a trip to the museum or a cinema, you can have a mini vacay in the comfort and convenience of your own town. Feeling the cool breeze of Nantucket and the warmth of the sunshine from a walk in the Louvre in Paris, this is what inspired this...
lunch date with my mom me Valstarino jacket Keith Haring tee Gap camo-floral shorts Frye woven leather boat shoes her Urban Outfitters kimono top Vans printed tee Gap olive chinos Teva sandals Bottega Veneta purse wut we ate jibarito flan
I got this tshirt that I'm going to wear when I see Madonna''s concert in September
another musical inspiration from Duke Dumonthttp://youtu.be/FHCYHldJi_gthis is turning out to be summerlicious
having a slice of strawberry icebox cake with Marc Jacobs x Bast tote at Magnolia Bakery
pics or it didn't happenIs that porkchop?
@ kid nickels ooooooh can we see your girl in Marc Jacobs......
Just the two of us? Ok, then after lets have dinner at Ponderosa
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