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Loden Dager cashmere cardi Gap floral shirt Gap jeans Dr Martens 8053 shirt deets
Thank you. I only buy outerwear, printed shirts, and cashmere sweaters in pristine conditions at vintage shops but never denim jeans, that's just grosse.
I wore that outfit on a chilly overcast Monday. Initially, I was searching for my multi-colored dot-knit Marc Jacobs cashmere scarf to wear with my black Marc Jacobs trenchcoat, but then I stumbled upon the Engineered Garments knit shawl that I purchased several months ago which I haven't worn. I'm not much of a shawl wearer and all I could think with shawls are women wearing them nonchalantly on their shoulders to keep them warm while wearing their delicate silk dresses...
Mr Kim hat Engineered Garments knit shawl DIY shirt Gap jeans Dr Martens 8053 Mulberry "Antony" bag
Marc Jacobs camel hair cardi Gap jeans and polka dot shirt New Balance 577 Marc Jacobs bag
Engineered Garments herringbone tweed toggle coat DIYed (removed sleeves and used fabric to add side panels to make it fit me) Marc Jacobs sweater Gap straight fit jeans New Balance 577 Marc Jacobs east/west tote
^ nice painting in the background
and some males
well, the sweater is an animal print(zebra) and I was playing with British punk inspiration. All items except the jeans(Gap) & sweater(Marc Jacobs)in my outfit are British made: Barbour jacket, Doc Martens punk shoes, Mulberry bag so there is cohesion in some way in terms of the origin of the brands. I don't really strive for things that go together in my outfit because it's thinking backwards stylistically. I find it more appealing combining a mix & match of items from a...
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