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if you want to see something opposite from all the big budget, special effects-laden movies of the summer, I recommend Magic in the Moonlight by Woody Allen. I love all his films since Matchpoint to Midnight in Paris, and most recently Blue Jasmine. They're all smart, a good sense of humor, sweet and very nice to look at like a Stanley Van Buren or a Marc Jacobs of the film world. the film is befitting to the new song and music video of...
meant to post this last monday but SF stopped working. Feliz Dia de la Independencia, PERU!! ( not where I'm from) peru fud sum frida (not where she's from)
Comme des Garçons double layer shirt Gap cargos Junya bag Timberland boots deets
Sounds yummy I am craving for chicken parm or a nice filet cooked med rare but I need to loose 10 more lbs and an inch 1/2 so I can fit in my new XL marc jacobs shirts
get some fun pieces! Yes, in college you have to be very serious with your studies and work hard, but you need fun pieces that will make your day to day college experience more enjoyable. I like this reversible Murray varsity jacket by RRL: khaki side during classes and camouflage side during frat parties This Michael Bastian cardi-robe if you feel like not wearing a coat. Perfect after an all nighter of studying and just wearing pjs the next day for an exam. when...
Marc Jacobs x 2
The end result of the dyeing looks nice. I prefer this tealish color than the blueish-black that you were going for; it looks great for the summer. You also look like you came straight out of the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway (no homo)
Thank you, this shirt was from last year and it's like 2 sizes too big on me now. The idea to this shirt is a 70s hippy "everything in the kitchen sink" look. I think it's missing something and I'm thinking of like an orange foulard print 3 inch border in between the brown and pink part to play with the floral print. I'll post another fit pic after making the changes.
pink/brown/floral DIY shirt (too big) Gap jeans Frye woven leather chukkas Balenciaga teal leather bag
I luv this with a sprinkle of chili powder and elotes from the street vendor. Afterwards, I poopoo so good.
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