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now I'm craving for a roasted baby piggy from Botin http://youtu.be/qYliy4KhjGs suckling pig
it taste even better
I haven't eaten carbs except for fruits and veggies for over a week and I've been craving for Paella for some reason. I think I'm pregnant. Anyways, last night I feasted on Paella Valenciana, it was ok but my mom's Paella is so much muy bueno Paella Valenciana Mi Mama's Paella with mussels, shrimps, scallops, chicken,chorizos
Helmut Lang leather jacket size L $375 minus 20% off and extra $25 off (first time buyers) = $275 https://www.therealreal.com/products/men/mens-outerwear/leather/helmut-lang-leather-jacket-68
Thanks for the input. Yes, jeans from the previous fit is more flattering since it's a slim fit compare to standard fit I'm wearing today in the lighter wash that I really like. The pic doesn't really show the correct coloring of the wash of the jeans and the leather which is really a brown. The fit of the jacket is quite snug actually and it just appears big because of the way I left it open to show the pattern of the sweater which is a buffalo plaid patternI'm working on...
RRL leather jacket Jcrew plaid sweater Gap jeans Timberland deck boots
It's comme from early 2000s when they were generously cut. Nowadays, their XL only fits my tighbottle green is vers, it can be preppy or punk
bottle green felted wool coat patchwork shirt fair isle snood jeans doc martens shirt deets
congratulations Dr. Benesyed!
just a couple of strings of amber necklaces and a crocodile frame bag and you're good to go to church, granny
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