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dat cardi is kozy like a punaniseriously though, I like your styleand I luv the shelving unit with the hanging tapestry and potted plantYou are one tasty dood
I like how your hoodie matches your bed
The Kolor coat is great but I don't like how you styled it with a suit. It made you look old. And with the mesh tee and sunglasses, made you look like a horny middle aged looking for a Lolita
is clothing optional ok hihihi
Hirsch, who's dat girl? http://youtu.be/mfbmQYJEyKAAre you a fairy?
I wish I can teleport myself to Dover Street Market NYC right now...sigh
dats funnypay it forward http://youtu.be/trREedJMY0s
Leather jacket looks interesting but get rid of the Molly Ringwald hair please
reading this reminds me of A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. It's a feast for the senses, Synth!
Thanks for your input. I hope it turns out ok because this is my first really nice leather jacket purchase
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