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DIY Mix shirt (red chambray/micro check) Gap jeans Clarks grey suede chukkas (no vision)
another version with buttoned-up and driving cap but felt uptight as fuk lol
Marni shirt Gap jean shorts Band of Outsiders suede boat shoes
Thanks guys. I just keep looking at this for motivation From this To this and utter the words.....mah body is raydeee lol
lost 24 lbs in the last 2 1/2 months by just dieting. I just started doing light cardio last week (threadmill) since I've been splurging on food (see random food thoughts thread). But I'm gonna get back in track with the diet this week and also start doing Tae Bo and some weights. My goal is to loose 50 lbs in the next 4 months
Mr Kim linen cap DIY 70s "everything but the kitchen sink" shirt Gap jeans Frye woven leather chukkas shirt deets: brown & pink oxford w/ orange foulard trim and contrasting floral printed sleeves
Hi Jet! We have met before. well we didn't really meet each other, but we passed each other on the streets of Chicago in the early 2000s. You were with your son who I clearly remember was holding a balloon. We made eye contact and you smiled at me and I almost wet my panties.
I didn't get coz it was uncomfy to wear
I just left the store and tried on the watch. It's pretty heavy and the crown part keeps poking my hand whenever I move it. It's nice to look at but very uncomfortable to wear.
It is kinda big...47 mm. I just like the look of it with the gold with black and the font style of the numbers. It also kinda look like a Panera
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