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a pretty tote for a pretty me
Tarjay bowtik: cap, tee, cargo shorts Dairy Star chocolate strawberry sundae
It's too "Ugly Betty" but I want the leopard cardi though
Marc Jacobs tee Jordan Craig jeans Dr Martens "Cabrillo" tee deet
ummm not so sure about a her
this is sleazyhttps://www.facebook.com/2idolshow/videos/vl.883639371673096/10153218019568301/?type=1&theater
DIY Offiz/Vacay shirt: yellow tattersall & grey,pink,white Hawaiian print Jordan Craig blue jeans Clarks grey suede desert boots
DIY shirt Gap jeans Vans leather sneakers deets
the hat is just ok. what makes it look good is Lorcan's face, You a model? The jacket and hat combo reminds me of M from this music video http://youtu.be/mfbmQYJEyKA
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