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why not? I think it's fun and it's like sharing in that joyful feeling after making a purchase to inspire others to do the same
it came in a box, feels like christmas again
anyone up for a Reveal?!
Just saw Carol and The Revenant. Great acting from both Cate & Leo, but who am I to judge them for their acting skills, I'm not good in acting, but really good work from both of them. I hope they win Oscars
I thought he was channeling the male counterpart of Charlotte Gainsbourg in a Louis Vuitton ad by Juergen Teller
you so silly...I give you a colabear hug for your effort it's a computer bag in chocolate lambskin for carrying my Ipad to Starbucks so I can have my mocha Frapu while browsing SFthanks for letting me share...
any guessessss?!http://youtu.be/w_ubn4CAJW4to get everyone excited for this REVEAL!!
any guessesss?!
Finally, a Uniqlo in Chicago! I can finally quote the words "meet me outside Uniqlo" (not in SF lingo, of course)
Hi ladies!! Who's ready for a REVEAL!!
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