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all I can say is " if it's not broken, don't fix it "
having the case of the Regis Margiela murse Margiela knitted captain's hat all I need is a beard, OP aviators and sum nipple clamps and I'm ready for The Castro hahaha jk
You look great!! You carry the Saint Laurent rocker-chic look really well and it helps to have a longer hairstyle. The jeans are fine, you look comfortable in them. I'm not sure if you can add something over the leather soles of the boots because it will prevent them from breathing and might cause damage.
for an extra $295, you can get this Hawaiian shirt
I think these ones with the silver zippers are nice because it blends in and doesn't distract (unlike the black zippers) with the overall look of the shoe.Please post fit pic of the blue satin bomber worn with the boots. I like what Hedi is doing in Saint Laurent.This skullada pin is sooo cool!!
are those Leyton derbies? How's the fit on those, are they narrow fitting?
The Stratton leather jacket that was sold out in all sizes from all RL stores. I was lucky to find the last one and in my size for a very good deal The leather is so thick but not stiff. It's got a really nice grainy-veiny texture and the color is a rich dark brown which compliments the maroon plaid wool lining. What I like about this jacket is that it's cut like a button down shirt with the traditional shirt collar, roomy sleeves with working shirt sleeve cuffs.The fit...
Love that shade of blue. It reminds me of the Nairobi blue Grecian gown by Prada that Lupita Nyongo wore to the Oscars
@C4est but that doesn't have a denim look to it. It looks more like a moleskin or a linen
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