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I'm all into beanies right now but another hat I suggest is this wool baseball cap by ebbets field for Jcrew
that's what those drop crotch trousers are for
My old Burberry plaid shirt repurposed with a rugby striped knit sleeves. Styled as a midriff top and worn with Marc Jacobs pink cashmere beanie
Marc Jacobs heavy knit cardi
Nice coat, James Franco
I luv how you combined the rural elements (prairie hat, suede jacket) with a more urban top coat and slacks. The look is very luxe and refreshing. The boot is also a good balance of urban and rural.
If I pull the trigger on the Margiella, the fit will be like me encased in a sausage casing which to make it a positive will encourage me to shed some lbs. I know that sounds dumb. I tried on the RRL in the stores already and the XXL fits snug but I can wear it unbuttoned. But the Margiela looks so post apocalyptic and futuristic that's what I'm feeling right now I mean it's already 2014
How come we didn't do a swap Kringle this year. I came across with a lot of good stuffs while buying gifts this past Christmas. Or maybe we can do a recycling gifts swap like if there's gifts that you received that you didn't like, you can trade with someone who agrees to swap gifts with you. Just like the saying one guy's unwanted gift is another guy's best gift ever.
I was browsing at the sale shoes section at Nordstroms the other day and there was this MC type dude who was staring at me the whole time with a look of like he knows me from somewhere smiling and all. If you encounter me in the real world, please introduce yourself and don't just stare. I won't bite. I might even invite you for cappuccino
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