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So Hedi is showing during LA fashion week?
How come there is no Saint Lauren show in Paris and Marc Jacobs presentation in Milan this season?
meet "Puffy Chulo", he's an orange nylon puffer jacket with smooth chocolate calfskin sleeves, chocolate beaver fur collar, and adjustable hood He'll keep you warm day and night; he cool like dat
The guy at Barneys only wrapped the jacket with some tissues and placed it in this year's Barneys Holiday shopping bag that was big enough to hold all the stuff that I got from Jcrew which made the bag too heavy and caused the handle to rip off so I have to hug the bag with both arms to carry it looking like I was carrying my loot from a smash & grab with below zero windchill temperature in the streets of Chicago
I got u. It's The Weeknd. Well I only know him from that one song, I Can't Feel My Face
I don't know what got into me lately or maybe I do but I have been in a Balenciaga-buying spree lately. The fabric of this jacket sold me instantly, it's melange wool. It's like a male version of a classic Chanel tweed jacket. It's also cool for the fact it's been worn by the guy from The Weekend also a pop of color for my grey and brown bag
I'm really digging Todd Haynes style. If you liked Carol, go watch HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce
I love everything, but the hair has got to go. It kinda reminds me of Oprah's bff, Gayle King, hairdo.
thanks for letting me share
It's both smooth and wrinkly (for an aged effect) and the color is sublime
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