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I get your point of view Prudy. I would rather live a little and spend more or find a good deal during the sales than wait dying for something that may come up to nothing. I'm just at awe for the obsession, for lack of a better word that these guys have for this leather jacket. Maybe it's the same as how women are willing to wait 3 years and spend 10k for a Birkin bag, maybe not. I mean Hermes is Hermes and I wouldn't put TOJ in the same level as Hermes, but I think that...
sherpa-lined suede coat flannel shirt alpaca scarf jeans leather deck boots
gifted vintage wooden brooch
like a baws
PRL cotton padded M65 jacket PRL pink shetland wool sweater (no see) Saint Laurent mohair/lurex leopard print knit scarf Gap jeans Dr Martens 8053
Congratulations, you won in your own challenge
I think they compliment the style of Calvin Klein clothing and they look really well made but I think that the modern styling with the sleek lines and bold coloring makes them almost loose the natural quality of the leathers and I hate that when leather starts looking synthetic.
I'm curious to know who's going to watch this movie besides me I'm only gonna see it for the wardrobe/costume factor
If I have the means and any matter of occasion, I would wear every single look in this Dunhill collection http://vimeo.com/117041223
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