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Happy Thanksgiving...burp
I just whore out my new studded docks for 2 hours and now I'm blistered up. Anyone knows how to break them out?
it's H&M last winter cotton/wool
I'm growing out my hair. A few years back, I was walking by Oak St. and some out of towners stopped me and ask for my autograph so I played along with it but I wasn't sure which celebrity they were referring me to so I just started doodling stuff unreadable then one of the guys said " you're the best Horatio Sanz!
I like this new proportion of wearing a jacket with a long shirt and pants.wearing this style proportion last weekR Kelly's outfit while performing with Lady Gaga in SNL designed by Versacehttp://youtu.be/A4123vzCDS4
stopped by Barneys tonight to exchange the red Bal bag with an ugly mark. Initially I wanted to get the red to add Pop to my 3 coats that I will be wearing this winter but maybe come spring I will be tired of the red so I decided to get a brown one with no glazing which looks more natural. Tonight, I noticed it was pretty busy and I found out that it was the launch of Jay Z 's collaboration with different brands and the products started to sell tonight. Barneys 2013...
I see pant fits here with droopy-diaper crotches and like people here praise them because they are a certain Pier Poo Poo aesthetics but in actuality doesn't look good on the body. And then you see someone wearing pants with a relaxed fit from Banana Republic that looks average but comfortable to the wearer and it's ridiculed because of the brand and I think it's biased.
Yes the bag is full retail price. I had a pair of leather new balance sneakers that had the same mark on its leather part and after just a couple of wearing, the mark ripped open so I'm afraid that if I put a lot inside the bag and the leather stretches the same thing could happen. They only have one other red and it's in Beverly Hills. Can Barneys transfer things when doing an exchange?
You guys thinking Abraxis is fat is making me laugh and angry at the same time. I mean if he is fat then what am I? He looks fine to me. Having a twinkish slim built doesn't always mean that you are healthy like what the fashion magazines have bombarded us all to believe. Yes I respect an individual who has the discipline to stuck with a regular routine of diet and exercise but in reality this is not always the case because there are also others who starve themselves and...
I just got this Balenciaga bag and it has this noticeable gash/scratch mark in the front of the bag that's not aesthetically pleasing to look at. Before I bought the bag, I asked the sales guy if it's a defect and he said that it's the characteristic of the leather Balenciaga bags are made of that it's distressed and creased. The mark also doesn't look like a natural vein mark of a leather because it's a straight line and somewhat deep. What do you guys think. Keep or...
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