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But I miss picking on the crispy skin of a roasted pig face hot from the oven and dipping it in garlic & Serrano pepper infused vinegar and homemade banana bread and deep fried pork leg In a few months, the holidays are coming and baker square pies My mom's holiday ham & flan cake And her seafood paella & beef roulade
wanna bring kawaii back so eating mostly healthy japanese fuds lately unagi seiro takoyaki katsu curry kaki fry Bonus shot of these kawaiis in their nepenthes-esque shirts. I make sure to wink and smile at them every time they watch me eat so they keep giving me bigger slices of their freshest sashimi lol
I'm contemplating on buying this 6XXXL navy wool peacoat I saw at Burlington Coat Factory yesterday. It's a fraction of the price compared to one of those "gordo chic" Raf pieces this winter
I have the tee shirt version of this printMy childhood nanny used to wear dusters in these style of printed fabrics and now I wear it
I like how you coordinated the pattern and colors of your pants to your background, sir. Visually stunning!
Kid, drop off one shoulder of your tank to attain slutty tank coolnessAnd I like the 2 piece ensemble with the black trim, what brand is that?
Colaver sleeveless flannel shirt w/ asymmetrical tied sleeve detail
I thought laver means to make not necessarily to make poop And we're an American brand so that wouldn't mean anything to us
I'm thinking more like a poppy version of a fleur de lis
Hi guys! So I'm thinking of starting my own little clothing company. So far I have an idea for a logo and a brand. It's gonna be called Colaver pronounced KLAVER with a silent O and strong E. The symbol of our logo is 3 connected letter C and a small letter V that forms a shape of a 3 leaf clover please don't tell me it looks like a micropenis
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