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so much oversized styles this season, better kop now before they go back to normal size
Yeah but I wanna wear the coat now or I have to starve myself for a month to properly fit in it and I can't don't have the self control right now because a Wingstop just opened a block a way from me
I sort of had a Kolor obsession after buying this jacket at Barneys and I wanted to get another piece from the brand so I searched on Lyst and found the coat at yoox. It's a size Japan 4 but it's supposed to have an oversized fit but it fits me just a little snug so I might need to add gussets to the sides to add easeI love the suede patchwork hem detail. It's made of cut off pieces of suede jean pants so you have this balance between a refined wool coat and the edginess...
Kolor coat
La La Land was boring in some parts and the costumes could have been better.I'm surprised the movie The Light Between Oceans didn't get any nominations. Maybe because it didn't do well at the Boxoffice
It's nice. Is it made of Melton wool?
On the prowl for some Peking duck Barbour sage Beaufort Marc Jacobs cashmere Tiger sweater w/ matching scarf Polo RL jeans Doc Martens
Cray Green
In my fave cola
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