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^ this is perfect for estichy's challenge
I don't see Christopher Bailey stealing some thunder from Heidi at all. They each are doing their own thing inspired by the roots of each brand's heritage with Burberry being a British brand and Saint Laurent being Parisienne. I think what both are successfully doing is enticing and delivering it to the youth market, the millennials. That's why many criticisms on their designs are based due to the fact that they are very commercial, not creative enough, and doesn't look...
I would choose one color from that floral print and pick a neutral color that would compliment it and wear shirt, pants, and tie in the same color like if you pick the teal then go with greys or if you pick purple then go with beiges
What I ate last week that I'm craving for now Katsu Curry rice My Japanese friend taught me how to eat this with a fresh raw egg, but you have to eat it when it's really hot and you mix everything together so the hot curry will cook the egg a little...so good
try frying some minced/chopped garlic in low/medium heat until golden brown and sprinkle some of it in your soup. It will bring added flavor but you just need to use mouthwash after
My jacket's lining doesn't peak out like that. Maybe it just needs ironing or a manufacture defect with excess lining material on seam allowance. Easily fixed but it might cost you $20 bucks
I also have this Marshall jacket and I got it cheap during the sales. Don't you think they should have used a heavier twill material and not this flimsy gabardine since the faux fur lining is very thick. The material of the collar and reinforcing details are real shearling and leather but the main material looks less substantial. The zipper pulls are very sharp too and I'm afraid that if I move my hands the wrong way that it can easily snag and rip the main material of the...
my brother made that crack pie from momofuku's recipe.....so good
Marc Jacobs $275 minus 20% off, minus $20 for first time buyers so you are looking at $200 plus tax and shipping for a $1800 bag (original retail price)I own the same bag in a tan color. The leather is great and very spacious. Comes with a detachable shoulder strap.https://www.therealreal.com/products/men/mens-bags/totes/marc-jacobs-tote-53
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