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my new bag for the new fall/winter season 2016/2017
PS Paul Smith $1300 @ Barneys
Marc Jacobs cardi tie dye tee Gap jeans Frye woven leather chukkas
What cut? It's a sack, shapeless coat.
She didn't invent the lapel less coat. Giorgio Armani did that before her and Mainbocher did that before him thank you very much
TJ Maxx Women's Plus Size Dept. olive cotton cargo vest Off Saks 5th Marilyn Monroe tee Gap jean shorts Vince leather espadrilles As I finished my Japanese meal of a Nabeyaki Udon, kaki fry over rice, and Japanese potato salad, I noticed Marilyn Monroe's boobies got bigger
Shura Indecision https://youtu.be/zpZCRfrVI48 Shura What's It Gonna Be https://youtu.be/nJ4uBdmnKds Luv the videos on both
PI in repeat : )> https://youtu.be/ABuKTVnH8tc
Hi guys, I just got this pendant and I can't decide whether to get a cord or a chain necklace to wear it with. Any opinions? Thanks
TH "blue china" print polo shirt PRL cargos Frye woven chukkas
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