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Not everyone has a budget or available time traveling to Tokyo or Paris, but you can still have a quick escape from your tiring daily routine. By wearing "getaway" clothes, trying out a new ethnic cuisine, and experiencing culture via a trip to the museum or a cinema, you can have a mini vacay in the comfort and convenience of your own town. Feeling the cool breeze of Nantucket and the warmth of the sunshine from a walk in the Louvre in Paris, this is what inspired this...
lunch date with my mom me Valstarino jacket Keith Haring tee Gap camo-floral shorts Frye woven leather boat shoes her Urban Outfitters kimono top Vans printed tee Gap olive chinos Teva sandals Bottega Veneta purse wut we ate jibarito flan
I got this tshirt that I'm going to wear when I see Madonna''s concert in September
another musical inspiration from Duke Dumonthttp://youtu.be/FHCYHldJi_gthis is turning out to be summerlicious
having a slice of strawberry icebox cake with Marc Jacobs x Bast tote at Magnolia Bakery
pics or it didn't happenIs that porkchop?
@ kid nickels ooooooh can we see your girl in Marc Jacobs......
Just the two of us? Ok, then after lets have dinner at Ponderosa
you two are too skinny and your dogs are too fat.
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