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Crocodiles. It's all about crocodiles.
fxh would have been impressed.Good to see igent cash being wisely reinvested.
Non-flush toe taps. I get it.Still, even without me I don't think you reach the heights of scoffing giant figs wrapped in pro-shoe-to while being watched by two tizio lamps.
Cheers Pete.Hopefully won't have to waste any vodka.
Interesting, I know what you mean about the getting the even spread. I might start with a saphir dark brown cream to be safe.
Have some tan shoes I want to darken. Assume saphir burgundy would achieve the same outcome?
My thoughts exactly.My old man used to put them on my shoes for me.
A bit of light fun.
Bloody big figs.Much more posh than a Melbourne get together.
Why is there a second Tizio lamp on the floor? What was in the box under the sideboard? Is that quail?
New Posts  All Forums: