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Spectacular footage aside, have always found this to be an average pic in many respects. Had actually never seen this. Amazing direction. Melodrama dates it, but good to watch, some great performances.
I don't think there is a stockist in Aus at all. There was a distributor in Aus who would sell them to you but I can't find them on the web anymore.They are great glasses.
I hope you are tweeting all this.
Ok then.
I don't understand jeans anymore either. Tried to buy Edwins last year, f#cked if I could get a pair that fit my skinny guinea hips.
Don't think Reno conditioner and suede are a good match.Anything with oil in it is bad for suede.
OK, so I had this exact problem where the top edge of a pair of shoes I had would hurt and they also destroyed some socks on the back of the heel.I got Renovateur and slathered it along the top edge and about a centimetre on the inside of the shoes and rubbed it with some vigour with a cloth. After about three or four goes over a several weeks it was all sweet.I will add that this was with a pair of shoes that were fine otherwise, no other issues, and they were not hand...
How is it that they hurt? Specific point or generally the heel? After 30 wears I would have thought they are right to go. That's a lot of hours. They might fit, but the last might not be for you. On some shoes I have used conditioner on the inside of the heel to alleviate some discomfort, especially around the top edge.
Like my loafers? Former gophers - It was that or skin my chauffeurs.
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