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Coincidentally, saw this on TV about a year ago and had forgotten I had seen it until just now!Pinter script as well.
I was elated for them.
There are a couple of nice lines, some decent crude bits and that cloying, saccharine, endearing and predictable Hollywood cookie cutter approach to story line and characters, so I can see the appeal.
No Halloween fight this year. I am disappoint.
We're not being very nice to refugees here at the moment unfortunately.Maybe if you brought the shirts and suits we could get you a special 'cultural contribution' visa.
Bad movie. Forgot relevant quote: 'I wanna run for President.' 'Keep saying shit like that you're gonna get punched.'
In the antipodes, alas.
Jazzmenco is one of those people who you know you'd have a good time with if you met them in real life.
In our house, whenever this movie appears on screen or is referenced, the first reaction is to quote this.
I think what put a lot of Australians off Wake in Fright was having to read the bloody book at school.
New Posts  All Forums: