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Flanges > Falangists
Vale Cruyff, and Garry Shandling...and Nelson Mandela.
My all time favourite was on the back page of the Sun:RACEDRAWCLAIMPROBEFour random words on four decks, no irony or puns, no knowing humour or inside joke.Just the radiant and absolute panic of a sub who couldn't think of anything else.
Or alien crocs with guns.
The missus calls this Pirates and Porn.Pretty average fare with occasional boobs.
The Conversation is compelling every time I see it. Cindy Williams, two great movies and a hit TV series. Apart from that, not much else?
blah with another crotch blow out.
Chaps, what ties with this? Have always loved the simplicity of the pattern but apart from solids and grenadines struggle to match things.
That will do it every time.
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