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Great stuff. Used to work in that building. Colour me gin... sorry, in.
Farewell Rik Mayall.
Was worried my vintage tie might have been a bit too narrow, but it comes up OK. Nice one G.Was a pleasure. What was the highlight, the old dole office or the abandoned clap clinic?
More of a cardi man, eh?
Privates on parade.She what? Need to get your house in order old boy.Gustin style.
Love high rise. Flannel is not worth buying IMHO in Melbourne. Don't get enough wear out of it.He has abandoned the trousers idea. The bastard.
Canberra. Cold as f#ck and they don't even sell wool socks at DJs.DJs down here had a shed load of wool socks on sale. Pantha, Marco, Humpey Law.
Will do. Cheers G.
Nice. Thanks.
We did the argyle thing not long ago. DJs were stocking Burlington, but might not be now. Agree that Woods is the way to go. Howard Yount also have some.
New Posts  All Forums: