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Seem to recall low gorges were a bit of a 90s thing as well (not to mention some people producing double breasted with notches in the 90s!).
I like it a bit higher and I think that would be the consensus around here.I don't think that jacket is too bad, and I have seen some jackets lately where the gorge appears to be disappearing over the shoulder, but higher would be better.
Cheers. Think the second pic is more accurate.Yeah gorge isn't right.As for it being a bit standard/boring, it's a bog standard G and H (and priced as such).
A summer suit? Never sure about these tones.
Went to see the Gutenberg Bible today.* A few dandys coming out of the rare book fair near by. *No need to reference Steve here.
Me neither.
It's the Nicholas Building?
Brendo, how are people dressed in NZ (i.e. any decent clobber, where do they shop)?
C'mon Brendo. Start kickin people to the curb!
New Posts  All Forums: