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I would love to but...wait for it...attending a presentation by the FFV on their future plans for football. The joys of being involved in junior sport. And what's with the Hibs keeper!
Oli is in trouble. Anyway, copped a light weight Schneiders mac/trench and a pair of Hitl brushed cotton pants at HB. Saw some other things I liked but resisted. Need to find a summer weight suit.
Whoa. I'm guessing you're not late with your share of the bills.
I'm lovin the plant and the pot it's in. Gives the room some pop (as opposed to PoP, who you don't want in your bathroom).
Well done.
I reckon a manufacturer would love this.
I was too.
I think this is fair enough, but if someone gets a specific piece made for them then I can understand some reticence about talking about how much it cost them. Sometimes it's cultural or a product of upbringing. I'm always hesitant to ask an individual but have found no problem asking a manufacturer.
I can understand people not wanting to talk about how much they paid for something.
Are you an 'urban lumberjack' Pete?
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