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Good on you for trying.I would have thought it was a brand capable of pretty broad appeal in Oz.
It goes on sale.
Would be nice if there was another outlet for their gear here.
There sure is. Though it was a sunny day, and this bloke is in his 50s at least so it's probably one of the few peaked caps he owns (apart from the PING ones).Actually I just remembered it was for the couta boat thing they have for the muckety mucks.
This sort of thing happens a bit too often in life I find!Looks like a decent player, though his missed this one - cracked it straight at the keeper.I stood next to a bloke at the game who had a KPMG hat on, through a circuitous conversation with a senior manager at work on Monday it turns out they know each other.
I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want. A new effing suit.Went to an A League game and a local NPL1 game on the weekend. Watched the cricket and a couple of A League games on the telly.Had a good chat to these resplendent fellows standing behind the goals at the NPL1 game.
My education on the subject of violence against women started early, having been a friend of Phil Cleary since 1987. How little has changed. Violence perpetrated by young men against other young men seems just as intractable.
Interesting to see the observations about violence and young men this morning after hearing the Australian players asked repeatedly after the final last night questions about how long the they would celebrate and how much they would drink. It seems that in Australia the reward for achievement at the highest level is permission to find out how much alcohol you can drink for how long.
Vale John Renbourn.
Have you told Michael Bastian that you've fallen in love with Tony Ciongoli yet?
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