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Ok then.
I don't understand jeans anymore either. Tried to buy Edwins last year, f#cked if I could get a pair that fit my skinny guinea hips.
Don't think Reno conditioner and suede are a good match.Anything with oil in it is bad for suede.
OK, so I had this exact problem where the top edge of a pair of shoes I had would hurt and they also destroyed some socks on the back of the heel.I got Renovateur and slathered it along the top edge and about a centimetre on the inside of the shoes and rubbed it with some vigour with a cloth. After about three or four goes over a several weeks it was all sweet.I will add that this was with a pair of shoes that were fine otherwise, no other issues, and they were not hand...
How is it that they hurt? Specific point or generally the heel? After 30 wears I would have thought they are right to go. That's a lot of hours. They might fit, but the last might not be for you. On some shoes I have used conditioner on the inside of the heel to alleviate some discomfort, especially around the top edge.
Like my loafers? Former gophers - It was that or skin my chauffeurs.
Embassy of Elegance refers troublesome people to the Consulate of Contempt.
For some strange reason, I thought of this movie on the way to work today. And then here it is.
Cheer Liber. PM sent.
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