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Surprised he didn't give them a grilling. Or a roasting.Maybe it was too close to the bone, or they gave him a bum steer, or he was on the horns of a dilemma, or he was udderly confused, or...
JM, still convinced you are a spy. 'Behind enemy lines' type family history, odd vague reference to exotic Asian adventures, always extremely well dressed, measured, diplomatic tone maintained at all times.
And that's where you draw the line.
Short jackets and short sleeves makes grown men look like children IMVHO.
1) Dunno what you can do about the shoe. Probably nothing. Others will know more. Maybe a cobbler could advise.2) Dunno about rules. Others will know more. But jacket looks a tad short to me.
1) Do you know what is causing the creak? Is it your foot moving in the shoe? Sometimes an insole can help with this.2) Looks nice, but maybe a bit short. PoP can draw a line over the crotchal area to show you the right length.
TOPY est infectieuse?
It's a metro station.Just walking around in Paris is great.
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