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Except it indulges pederasts and pedophiles.
Probably thought Tessio's death was yet another rumour.
While watching him in Earthquake recently it struck me that he was one of those people you instantly recognised without actually knowing too much about him. http://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/feb/29/george-kennedy-actor-who-won-an-oscar-for-cool-hand-luke-dies-at-91
His life is dedicated to power and politics. The church was always just a vehicle for his ego and ambition.
Pell is a grub. At every level.
Bravo, Ennio.
Yes, they use Eastern Red, which Western Red mocks and pillories.
Really?Woodlore websites says:CompositionAromatic cedar is made up of white and red sections of wood. The white section is referred to as sapwood. The red wood is called heartwood, as it contains the aromatic oils. Woodlore products include at least 75% heartwood for the greatest aromatic benefit. After one year, a light sanding with a medium sandpaper restores the aromatic properties.BenefitsCedar shoe trees, hangers, blocks and shapes play a vital role in protecting fine...
Fraid I'm going to part ways on this one...
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