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I know, I wasn't questioning what you said. Ego is a common genesis for positive social change, no doubt, but that is just ego.My question (again not disputing that ego can and does lead to good) is can an egomaniac (or someone with narcissistic personality disorder), by definition, have any sense of benevolence or the greater good?
He's awake!
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.I tire of your ipsedixitism.
Yes, but don't you, by definition, cease to be an egomaniac if your motivation is a non-self serving benevolent legacy?Is there a clinical psychologist in the house?No doubt you don't get anywhere near a seat in Parliament without a hefty ego.
Yes, unless they are an egomaniac they won't get in.Or they could be put on an island (or in Chaddy) with their main rival and the one who makes it out wins.
Don't agree with this. It's semantics, and probably pedantry, but there is a nuance that's missing.I've met plenty of pollies over the years, most of the best have ego, drive and self belief, but also a selflessness and self awareness. Egomaniacs by definition lack self awareness, don't they?For some the ego is motivated by achieving change for a particular perceived general good.Not sure if this makes sense. SF psychobabble.
Waiting for Godwin. lol.
So Henry Bucks now stock Isaia and LMB I notice.
Have you met any pollies blah-di-blah?
Fair enough.The parties spend shed loads of money actually trying to work out what matters to people. People's concerns are often more nuanced than you would think, but they do largely centre on their financial situation and general sense of security.
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