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Looks very good, Nakky. Nice softly structured approach and the hand warmer pockets are fantastic.
Exactly.fxh case in point.
Too quick, fxh.
Urban lumberjack. Never heard of that.
Cut it out you two.
Too right.
CD, with much vintage on the shoulder, Docklands, winter 2014...
Thanks JM. I would have picked Brisbane as a haven for light coloured, light weight clothes. Down south it seems people continue to wear the same weight and colour fabric year round (except for the gents on here, of course).
So in the lead up to Spring and Summer, what's the feeling with light coloured suits? Your beiges, light browns etc? How far can you go? There seems to be more and more linen/linen blends out there in the Australian summer but light coloured suits are still quire rare.
New Posts  All Forums: