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You otter get on your bike.
You no lycra?
Jase has an axle to grind.
Spot on JM. It's real toe in the water stuff, which makes perfect sense from their perspective. BB in Melbourne will be open not far from Uniqlo in the Emporium complex.
It's mesmerising.Don't EVER leave the house without a very small torch, a gun, a small scary knife...and chapstick.
Oh, no. We're heading into EDC land.
All a man needs, really.I don't go to a gym, so that makes it easier in terms of space needed.And I don't take a bag with me every day. In fact most days I don't, so maybe the smaller one would better suit.
What happened to them? Second album was great.As a pillow. Having missed the last train.This convo on Filsons has been very informative. I have been eying them off as well and size is (as ever) an issue.
New Posts  All Forums: