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Yes, I have seen them in there. Three or four suits at a time, half a dozen pairs of pants. A few ties in the hand of the plasticised wifey. Horsey daughter sometimes in tow.I'm just stirring the possum. There's usually decent stuff on sale there twice a year.
Was just about to say the same! Who's buyin stuff and what does it look like... I kopped some Brioni cotton pants from Lance a Virtual Clothes Horse.
Loake aint luxury. Trust me, I own them.
What I like most is how a simple inquiry about wanting to try on a pair of shoes sets off the oft repeated Great Pricing Argument.
Henry Bucks are extortionists.
Henry Bucks are shameless gougers. Double Monk are not.
Get one of both. See how you go.
No, Melbourne is dry.Yes, I think for work a blend helps a lot in keeping the shape. Though for casual prefer pure linen.
I'm inclined to linen - cotton blends.
Falke socks are good. Marcoliani as well.
New Posts  All Forums: