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What fresh hell is this.Should be illegal.
God, how I hate this. Always have.You have my simpaties.
Sorry to hear this.
Gez running down Gertrude St was a sight.
You, me and fxh in there at the one time. Surprised they didn't call the police.
No, it's the guilt of having no intention to buy! Irrational, but there you go.One time I think Chris went around the shop behind me and slightly repositioned every shoe I picked up and put back.Not that they make you feel guilty, lovely chaps in there.
I use saphir on calf shoes.I used kiwi for years with no problems. I do prefer saphir though; personally I think it's a superior product. Also, I buy saphir to assuage my guilt after lurking in Double Monk fondling the expensive shoes.
This is all you need.
Just saw a story on NYT about this^.
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