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The lightening strikes in the inner city are much more intense these days. Have never know it to be like this. We were bombarded all night and again this morning. Is pretty invigorating.
Is it good stuff CD?What's the pong like?
Come at me, anziano.
People I have worked with have always thought of this stuff as a representation of the organisation so they wanted stuff that was going to actually get used and not chucked. Understand this was/is probably atypical.Do you do caps? Thinking about getting caps for the football club.
I agree with this and have found the same to be true.I suspect it's because they are made for corporations who have merchandise people who want stuff that is going to last for their outlay.The merchandise people I have worked with in various jobs are incredibly exacting, partially because the market is so competitive (or at least it used to be). I think Jase worked in this field? Perhaps he knows more. Could be wrong.
Urban lumberjacks. That's where it's at.
You pig.Potential iGent on the 96 this morning. Blue check DB jacket, pochette artfully assembled, red lapel pin, black double monks.
You can buy Order of Australia ones online.Could be a good way for forum members to recognise each other.
'Stòffa is an exploration of design that originates from the process.'
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