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Capello goes OK as well.
Felt odd not bringing a coat to work today. Am going to miss winter.
Plenty of well dressed football managers, you know that foxo.
Wow, somebody has finally worked out what language politicians speak at conferences. Kudos.
Less than a minute and Foxy is on to it.
From left: PoP, fxh, Gerry.
The wombat club.
Fair points, fxh. It's an isaia for a very decent price, but truth be told I'd probably be better off going Romp's place or Oscar's.Not that many interesting Italians blokes around, are there...
[[SPOILER]] Thanks gents.My motivation was around a suit I saw online and was thinking of buying. Jacket was all good, but pants were 34.I probably won't bother because it was 50% linen and I reckon that might make it less forgiving.I did like this: 'thighs like an anorexic supermodel on an ice, cigarettes and lettuce diet'.The missus calls em 'chicken legs'.
New Posts  All Forums: