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Stumbled on this, only watched about an hour. Had never heard of it, pretty big cast but (from the bit I saw) confused story and dull directing.
"I have to thank my wife Helen, because we have a 12-year-old daughter Francesca, [and] she said to me, 'Why don't you make a film our daughter can see for once?' So we did!"
I've had a Timex Explorer for years which cost about $60 and seems indestructible, might be time to upgrade to something like a Suunto.
There's a fair bit of action, but long periods of dialogue. It's also long (over two hours) which means the action is fairly spread out.
Love Capricorn One. Remember watching it as a kid as well. Meanwhile.... One of those ones that you watch without too much judgement because, you know, evil Nazis.
Saw this when it came out and enjoyed it. Will have to seek it out again.
And knobweed.
That's his plant polisher.* * Not a euphemism.
New Posts  All Forums: