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It's been so long since I saw it I can't even remember if this was any good and of he was any good in it. Was it? Was he?
Kingsley is a strange f#cker. Have never really enjoyed watching him, except in Sexy Beast.
Enjoyed some bits of this. Basically a by the numbers coming of age.
His launch date seems to keep getting pushed back.Keen to see what he has in plan.
Christian is the link so it was probably just a meeting of minds. But what do I know of these things.
Good on you for trying.I would have thought it was a brand capable of pretty broad appeal in Oz.
It goes on sale.
Would be nice if there was another outlet for their gear here.
There sure is. Though it was a sunny day, and this bloke is in his 50s at least so it's probably one of the few peaked caps he owns (apart from the PING ones).Actually I just remembered it was for the couta boat thing they have for the muckety mucks.
This sort of thing happens a bit too often in life I find!Looks like a decent player, though his missed this one - cracked it straight at the keeper.I stood next to a bloke at the game who had a KPMG hat on, through a circuitous conversation with a senior manager at work on Monday it turns out they know each other.
New Posts  All Forums: