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I struggled a bit with this one as I found most of the characters unsympathetic and not particularly interesting. McEwan is his usual precise and engaging self but all the way through it I kept thinking of Wheen's Strange Days Indeed. Not surprisingly this book got an acknowledgement at the end of Sweet Tooth. The constant referencing, or tying of the storyline to historical events was a bit too laboured I thought. Probably also didn't help that I preceded this one...
Two excellent points.Cheers.
A cream/beige jacket would go well with what pants? Light grey? Navy? Thoughts? Comments? Examples?
Division 4, Detective Senior Sergeant Craig.
Jumpers, mate. They're jumpers.Or 'knitwear' if you want to sound posh.
This must be one of their secret society tricks.Missus bought me a panama and she wears it. Looks good on her too.
G W Bush's daughter married Ralph Lauren's son.Lauren Bush Lauren.
Thank you Mr Ionesco. I was appalled to discover this morning that I wear girly shoes.
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