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Smeg, extremely impressed with the flange discussion. Should be more of it.There was an excellent article that kind of explained manufacturing in Europe (Germany in particular) and how it excelled (traditionally at least) at the mid size company level. Was all based on family run businesses usually tied to a small or medium sized town. Interesting stuff.
Isn't this generally acknowledged? Did he acknowledge it himself? I can't remember.Been a long time. I thought he was ace as well.
Germans doing well in Brazil. Again.
Not all 1880s are the same. As is the case with all shoe brands it depends on the last, not the marketing genus. http://www.pediwear.co.uk/newsitem/60.php
Just another night in Preston.
I feel a cathartic clean out coming on. Too much dreck and a few silly impulse buys need to go.
OK. All good. Should have twigged with Oxford St!
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