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Brilliant, thanks Gerry (and fxh, love the high waisted jeans).
When people know you so well...
Need a zip repaired on a jacket, any thoughts in Melb CBD? Would Sam do it? Where is he these days?
I'm way too old full stop.I'm so old my mother is dead.Mildly, or possibly not at all. Though how good are the words 'absolutely bloody' when they are together.
Just ridiculous to say people should not do x or y past this age or that. Depends on the person and the context and the item.
I find they hold up well, very comfortable, but not would be my first choice if I was doing lots a walking.They are designed (and marketed) as beaters.
Agree with this. Loake make some nice looking shoes for the price.The Iconic, or on sale here maybe: https://www.superga.co.uk/browse/Mens/c-Superga2750-460/
de Nimes on SF, very appropriate.
New Posts  All Forums: