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I'll have a look again ov and PM you any that take my fancy.
And so we circle back to fxh.Love it.
Southern Italians and the Irish had a fair bit in common.
As my mum used to say to me and my brother - I don't care who started it, I'll end it. Usually with the wooden spoon in her hand. #oldschoolparenting
Gents, can we please get back to pickle puns. It's Friday afternoon, let's go home happy little sartorialistas.
The investment in schools was audited from memory and I think it was by and large a positive thing. There were a couple of f#ck ups, true.I think of this whenever I trek to the badlands of Preston and see the campus where I spent prep and grade one. It got completely rebuilt because of the program and now the kids there have a fantastic facility. Similarly the primary school my son went to had a fantastic upgrade of its facilities which were ridiculously antiquated.
Tuscan Leather. Haven't used it for about six months. It's nice.
Did you skateboard to work? It's a fair effort to take that amount of skin off.
Thanks. Yep, 220 is OK. Would need an adapter.Might go into a local Asian grocery and see what it what.
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