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I think it's a scene from Good Shit Lollipop.
If there were more trolls like this then site visits might not be on such a decline.
Double Monk just selling sh#t at inflated prices to people who don't mind. Nothing new about that and don't know why they need to be singled out when Henry Bucks, McLeods and Harrolds (among others) have been at it for much longer. And yeah, all power to Herringbone for providing the same product at a lower price.
This may require its own thread.
Very bad movie based on exploring different versions of the same event. Rashomon it aint.
Welcome back, Roy.
Chukkas, boots, country brogues, RMWs. Suede, pebble grain, calf, cordovan. Whole world of them out there.
Holy hell.
Another take on the mockumentary. Charming and well put together, maintains the gag well over the journey.
Ha, knew it.
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