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How I wish Lucinda Williams' voice still sounded something like this.
I like Evan Dando, but like you I'm not sure he's right. Nonetheless I've been captivated by the song since the first time I heard it. Like a lot of their songs it conveys a sense of comfort and nostalgia that is quite touching.
Well put.The pricing seems so random as to make no sense.I do have some MJB and Herringbone gear collected over the years (suits, jackets, shirts) and have always been happy with it. Always purchased at (often deep) discount, but the clothes hold up well and wear comfortably.
I don't really understand these stores anymore. I'm not saying they don't have stuff that people want to buy or that they don't fill a need in the market, but it's an odd experience in there sometimes. I went into R and B for the first time in years just after Christmas. In my size they only had one type of white shirt. The exact same shirt filled in all those little shelves they put the shirts in for my size. Was very Soviet.
Herringbone in perpetual sale mode. Either too much stock or need some cash flow. Or both.
Yes, that did cross my mind.
Bottle top under the shoe.
Good get, Jase.
Hopefully this won't make certain members' heads explode. Dale "Buffin" Griffin, drummer and founding member of the Seventies glam rock group Mott the Hoople, passed away Sunday in his sleep following a long battle with Alzheimer's. He was 67.
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