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Also like the look of their collars. Have often been tempted but never pulled the trigger.Would be fine. Don't think they will make a note in the assessment 'wore grenadine, should have known better'.Anyway, nice shoes, tie, suit and shirt will probably put you so far ahead of the pack it won't be funny. Winning smile and I reckon you're there.
And go to the Ginger Pig.
Cool.Like the father and son story behind them.
They look like a HY clone.
She was brilliant and scary on Louie.
Good to hear, and glad to have you back.
Toby, what's up.
^ No Country for Old Men Joel and Ethan Coen
I had a cassette of a radio play version of A Funny Thing Happened when I was a kid. Listened to it endlessly.
Wow. Putting things in the cart and then closing the window is really cathartic. It's like reverse retail therapy, or OC(B)D exposure therapy.
New Posts  All Forums: