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Take it to Noodles' Good Natured Advice Thread.
It's what happens when dadcore are armed.
No, he was a Viet Cong suspected of belonging to a 'death squad'.
The psychology of all this is really interesting. I'm no expert but have read a bit of stuff about it. People's opinions are influenced by many things, most of them are imperceptible. If you are winning on a different level a pocket square isn't going to matter one way or another. The other interesting thing is that, it seems, people make their mind up about you after, what, 25 seconds? So, if they find you agreeable on first encounter then that is likely to hold you in...
Only on weekends. During the week it's pox doctor's assistant.Maybe because he could now afford RMWs!
Dressing has never been an issue in any workplace I have been in. Not even remotely. This is just my personal experience.
At least he knows he's running on time.
Holy hell Pete. I've know pushers less ready with the readies.
Behaves like a very un Ed-ucated man.
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