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They are purveyors of tailory substances created in places foreign, often malodorous. It's all explained on their website: Our emphasis is on fit and a reductive approach to building a wardrobe.
I think they have presented their products extremely poorly. The whole thing looks awful, save for a couple of shots. Hopefully the stylist gets the boot next time cause the clothes deserve better.
lol. That's brilliant.
No surprise the two experiences I had were with middle aged female assistants.One went the extra mile trying to find something for me (admittedly I was a bit insistent, but she was nice about it), the second was a very helpful woman in the home wares section in a suburban store.You're on your own in menswear. Couple of the blokes in the Canali concession in Melbourne are nice to chat to.In fact, might shoot them a note suggesting that in menswear they have the self...
What a total load of sh#t.It's all about sales, not service.My recent experiences with staff at DJs has actually been excellent. 'Old fashioned' service still does exist.
What the what?!
Halloween again. Seems like only yesterday we were arguing about it.
I'll second that.
Unreliable movement makes it a perfect lawyer's watch.
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