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Underworld is epic.
Papa's clearly on the illy momo again, but he goes alright. As do you, Mr Cox. Now stop it.
Should have been in caps. The Razl Dazl Award for Sartorial Excellence at a Price We Like.
That Borrelli coat deserves a special Razl Dazzl award for excellence.
Saw these cheeky beggars the other week.
Sartoria Rossi. It's on sale: http://www.sartoriarossi.com/com/mans-suits/jackets/light-blue-jacket-brown-checked.html And the first one is ace.
Two nice jackets I don't own.
The only thing that irks me about Unforgiven is that grating, soppy incidental music. Awful plinky guitar and swelling strings.
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