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Malaka, hehehe.
^ Zach Galifianakis looking good.
How about Romeo Lane in Crossley St (under Suit Shop) at 5.30pm?
Would happily buy you a beer or something stronger after work. Tuesday probably better.
Have been looking at products like this, so just bought a tin. Thanks!
Where would we be without you, foxy...
Well, a big thanks to everyone for the scent advice. Lots of options and opinions. Appreciate the input. Keen to try Norne solely because of Seb's very evocative description!
Thanks Seb.Other end of the spectrum from PoP's $15.99 English Leather.
What the what?Keen to get a whiff of Norne, but I don't need any more help staining my shirts.
Thanks again.'Starts off quite sweet and slightly intolerable...' sounds a bit like me.DJs actually has a sort of TF stand I noticed last time I was in there. Might go and get squirted.
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