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Have you been visiting those special 'nightclubs' again GF?
You should get Renovateur and give the shoes a going over before applying wax or cream.Then, every six months or so give them another hit of Renovateur. That's my approach anyway.
Found some happy while out and about during Lunar New Year celebrations.
When I was there a few years ago it really struck me as a throwback, they still had the old style glass cases with shirts on display (think they renovated a bit since then). Was a very stiff atmosphere but had a bit of banter with the older guy serving there when I bought a shirt, he was actually talking about the need to modernise, what younger people wanted the the dilemmas of overseas production. Of course I was in full 'don't really give a stuff what you might think of...
Timothy Spall's monumental performance is rightly the centrepiece of this biopic, but the art lies in the way his character is framed by the female characters in his life. Brilliantly realised by Mike Leigh, with some wonderful photography by Dick Pope. Not everyone's cup of tea, I'm sure, but struck a chord Ernesto side.
That's very funny lefty. Saw Blood Simple when it came out (no premiere for me) and was captivated.
Just stumbled on this. So glad you enjoyed it, I read it when I was about your age and thought it was great as well.
Hope good health returns quickly.
Oxfords.Things without all remedyShould be without regard. What’s done is done.
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