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I would say more with brio than gusto.
Geez, PoP. How many times we gotta tell ya.
I look good in shorts.
*Non-clothing content warning* Any recommendations on a soundbar? Budget up to about $700. Doesn't have to have a woofer.
Pete, it should not be either/or.Sport plays an important role in our economy and is an incredibly positive force in the community, particularly at junior levels. Australians love participating and competing.What is happening to the scientific community at the moment is a disgrace.We should never let politicians wedge us into believing that the choices are so binary.
Is there price elasticity when it comes to braces?
Was there a Herring code floating around these parts a while back?
You've taught me a lot, Pete.
Costa Azzura, Neroli Portofino, Mandarino Di Amalfi, and what about Tom's latest?Strade di Napoli [[SPOILER]]
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