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lol, fair guess.Oddly enough I don't think there was a kebab in sight. May have been some fruit, which everybody would have been too frightened to eat.
Read in the RMW thread that kangaroo is lighter and stronger, but some people think yearling shines better (though this is disputed).
Was once in a tent with him and Arafat.#coolstoriesbro
So if I'm going to buy a pair of RMW before they zoom out of my price range what's the best option? Nungar?
Coxy is 'well to do'. fxh is a 'ne'er-do-well'. Cazzolino is 'persona non grata'.
The Green Machine.
Interesting that my 14 year old asked about 20 minutes in 'is this done by the same guy who did Fantastic Mr Fox?'. Not sure how the f#ck he worked that out.Fiennes dialog and his performance really saved this one for me. Made it just different enough to stay engaged. But I'm partial to the whimsy of Anderson's films so it's a low bar for me.
Enjoyed this. Ralph Fiennes is a blast.
Here are some songs. Straya.
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