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Needs must, old boy.
I believe they are RM Williams. I have the same pair and they are extremely comfortable.
1) Take the Taylor.2) Use wifey money to go on romantic getaway.3) Life is good.
Went into a guitar store for the first time in years the other week, was horrified to see that almost every Taylor they had (about 10 of them) came with a pick up. I felt old.
They have some NY slim fits for 79:https://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/e/eclny/And some Tokyo slim fit button downs for 79.
Don't be mean, they could tell time.
Kamakura?They sometimes have cotton linen blends.
I'm sure he is an interesting guy to talk to.
Saving villages, Godspeed.
Tractor stools are so nice to sit on.
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