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He'll drop them off at an op shop and then CD will pick them up and refurbish them. Gerry will then admire them and offer to give them a polish. Pink Socks will laugh and talk about Scotland or Michael Bastian. Or both. .
Have been meaning to watch Blokes You Can Trust. I think I'm still recovering from a Psychos gig 20 years ago.
Good to hear.And good point about the jackets. Have seen that collapsed look where they end up looking more like bad cardigans than jackets.
Do you ever recommend to people to go one way or another? No padding doesn't work for a lot of people, but seems to have taken over in people's minds* as the way suits should look.*Probably only igents.
Cut is subservient to body shape. Discuss.
Ditch her.
Glad someone else didn't quite get it.Was a good watch though.Now on to Finding Fela.http://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/jul/30/finding-fela-kuti-review-afrobeat-life-music
Vale Richard Attenborough. As Pinkie in Brighton Rock.
If we did that we would have called ourselves Post Modern Removals.
We weren't the fastest. But that wasn't our point of differentiation.
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