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Congrats. Well done cobber.
2 and 3 as well.
I know so. You should expect more, we all should. But your concerns need to be directed towards the two or three people at Fairfax in Melbourne who have a say on these things.Alcoholic subs are no more. They are now production line workers.
Yeah, I think you know that doesn't make sense.If Annabella walked away there would be 20 Arabellas in a line willing to take the gig.
Cobber, don't hate the player, hate the game.She gives her editors what they want, and the editors give what the qual and quant researched masses want.
I got the money and I got the fame You got the hots to ride on my plane You givin' me all that I desire Cause down with me, I'm taking you higher
Eidos moving into home wares I hear.
I think advertising is the solution to everything. That and PR is what will save us all.
They are correct. Now at 1/313-315 Flinders Lane.
Superga, baby.
New Posts  All Forums: