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Will anybody save those impoverished Cantonese.
By the numbers end of the world flic. Some satisfaction in the fact that it's a bit bleak and a couple of disaster scenes are well done. Not much to it otherwise. The most interesting thing for me was that part (most?) of it was shot in Australia, with some scenes done in New York. Must save money doing it this way.
You're a diamond geezer, no doubt, GF.Insurance now right up there with financial planning in the scumbag stakes?
Except for all the people with the pretty junk on their wrist who do sponsor art, libraries, music and save villages.
I want to listen to this so much, but I fear it might be unbearable for the reason you outline.
Flipping between Old Firm and this, then on to Leverkusen v Hamburg before I conked out.
The world is your lobster.
He who dares, Gez.
Ah, yes, quite.
New Posts  All Forums: