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So, all in all, there are plenty of options. Not all of them perfect, but enough to get by.
And then there is the likes of TM Lewin.
Nah, you'd pick stuff up in sales.Sand, PRL Herringbone and the like.
Herringbone does two suits for $700 each, so not really head and shoulders.But, yeah, they fill a massive gap in the market.
I've never been someone to bag MJB in the past, but when that landed in the inbox the unsubscribe option was taken up with due haste.
I much prefer it when people show or discuss very nice clothes and shoes that I can't afford.And the stupid jokes. I like them the most.
Punk heritage and union made.
Well, to me, I don't like the shape (or lack thereof) or the sleeves.It is made to 'US Government specifications' though. Utilitarian can be good, bit this doesn't do it for me in this instance.
Don't get this one.
New Posts  All Forums: