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Hey, Murlsquirl, thanks for stopping by. What football match are you going to with Cleav?
Spot on Gino.
Where would we be without you.
He's got a hot girlfriend as well.
Thanks mate. I checked out the prices after I posted and nearly had the vapours. Serious coin indeed.When I saw it I didn't think it was a suit. Seemed liked separates to me. Good look though. Also liked M's DB pinstripe.
I would never bespoil my pochette, Monica on the other hand...
I'm assuming that, as the theory of the origin of the tie goes, he used his as a receptacle for the sweat from his brow in the undue heat and as a consequence it shrunk.This is the authenticity and attention to detail Bond films are famous for.
Was worse than that pinky.
All I thought was not enough Monica. And the short tie thing. That was odd.
New Posts  All Forums: