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Great, now foxy is going to chase bears and be all 'hey, check my watch out, bear!'.
Did lol.
'Conduit, or flanges?'
This has been a bit of a trend over the past year or two. Even Target was selling shoes that were reasonable adaptations of cap toes from memory.Florsheim also seem to be getting back on track a bit after a long period in the wilderness.Places like Aquila still woeful though. I noticed they just got a big cash injection from private equity recently.
The only monumental thing about this is how bad it is. Was actually surprised at how incompetent it was on almost every level.
Saw Paco Peña last night with his troupe. Was fantastic.
Great book and film.Soundtrack is pretty good as well.As Bob says, only a fool in here would think he's got anything to prove...
Measure off the shirts.If you go to Luxire website they show you what to measure.
I'm kinda liking the phucking phlowers.
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