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Thanks foxy, invaluable input.
Thanks Pete. Good list there to have a look at.
Cheers, Sliq. Is it much different from Tuscan Leather?
One for the frag heads, looking for a leathery, tobaccoey number that isn't Tuscan Leather. Also after a piney, forresty type number that isn't Pino Silvestre.
At the end of the day, we are all somebody's sock.
Van Faack never really knew what to do with it when they bought it off administrators.And apparently leases..."It got to the point where one can only put in so much money to continue - there are some stores with quite onerous leases and there are some underperforming stores we will keep, the jewels in the crown," Mr Secatore said.
Chi sono questi 'Salvos'?Un club per Salvatores?
He's got a nut butter substitute.
Random dancing in the house is a very high happiness. Me and the missus do it all the time (the dancing, that is). Kitchen is especially popular when making meals and tunes are playing.
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