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Anxiety levels at critical seeing guitar in precarious position as well as boot in position to punt.
Took me a long time to read for a short book. Kept going over passages and revisiting pages.
Del Monti.
Fair enough. Sounds like a good life.
I've got a black tie thing coming up and the misses said: 'Are you sure? People just wear suits to these things now.' I had to google last year's event to make sure I wasn't going to be mistaken for a waiter.
Thanks TC. Interesting, I googled and saw he was based somewhere in Sydney's north, wonder if he's thought of doing road trips to Melbourne.
He measures people up and takes orders?
Thanks G.
Need a bow tie to go with tux. Much of a muchness given it will be used once or twice a year?
He’s a man way out there in the blue, riding on a smile and a shoeshine . . .
New Posts  All Forums: