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And that fanciful story about what happened to his shoulder as a cover for the time one of his marks fought back.Dog sled my thimble.
fxh - Geography teacher (retired, pending court proceedings). PoP - Pox doctor's assistant, part time 'scientist'. foxy - Source material for Mr Robot. Journeyman - Spy. Pink Socks - Arbitrage. Firmin - Poet. CD - Hit man (how else do you think he gets all those great scores at op shops). Coxy - Slice and dice cellist. Garry Nelson - Don't ask,ever.
I quite like The American Friend, though agree that it is flawed. Distinctly remember the people I watched it with hated it.
The naked version?
Vans have their own store in town http://www.gluestore.com.au/brand/superga.html?cnt=300
Sounds like they have some sort of checklist.
Just to clarify, Abe = The Ernesto. I love my DVDs. Watch them while wearing an onion in my belt.
An extraordinary piece of work. Had a profound effect on me when I first saw it, the way it winds the personal, political and commercial narratives was a revelation.
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