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Certainly helps! The brown stripe in the suit caught my eye, and the tie is v nice.
Lovin this. Just had to say.
Saw a little bit of each of the these on the weekend. The Words Hall Pass Five year engagement You don't want to see much more than a little bit of any of them.
Missed it at the cinema. Very keen to see it.
Found this even more gut wrenching than when I first saw it.
A person of intellect and conviction would have done this standing side by side with the author of the report.
He wasn't afraid of 'boats'. And I think you mean that one day we will look back on our current treatment of refugees with shame. We have welcomed many refugees to this country in the past without the demented rage and fear that seems to occur these days.
He won't go to hell because of his post PM acts of redemption.
He ran Nareen as a B and B for a while in retirement. Mate of mine took his future misses there.
New Posts  All Forums: