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Just saw a story on NYT about this^.
Loro Piana apparently heading out here. Can't wait to see more stuff I can't afford.
I think it got closed down after a raid by council officers.
Very famous Life photos of the above worth checking out.
SF moments like this always remind me of the Hammock District.
Katrina's is in Flinders Lane, Sam is in Docklands. Much support for Sam in Docklands, Katrina's less support than in previous years. Have used both and found them to be fine for basic alterations. One key differentiator is that Sam is a very nice bloke, the guy at Katrina's can occasionally be brusque.
Sam in Docklands.
Bristling with anticipation?
Still striving for this piece of inspiration?
Herring shoe trees good, tax advice on internet forumz maybe not so much.
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