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My posts will now start to include The Behaviours. It is called the Uniqlo Way. Every morning at 9am - an hour before the first customers arrive - staff at Uniqlo's clothing stores around the world gather to recite what are called ''The Behaviours''. These are a series of well-honed phrases that define customer service. Sales staff - their official title is ''advisers'' - pair off, face each other, and say the following out loud: Tadashi Yanai. Tadashi Yanai. Photo:...
It's the denial that will get him.
Whoa! Nice.Did you get these on Skloeboetenkagen?
Christian, if you are listening, great job on the latest catalogue. Looks fantastic. Compliments.
I don't think enough attention has been brought to the green breast wallet.
lol.Pants bought from a Neapolitan tailor...
Trousers with side tabs?
Yes, that's them.Or Dester Chentists.
Your post lacked your usual gioia di vivere.
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