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As my mum used to say to me and my brother - I don't care who started it, I'll end it. Usually with the wooden spoon in her hand. #oldschoolparenting
Gents, can we please get back to pickle puns. It's Friday afternoon, let's go home happy little sartorialistas.
The investment in schools was audited from memory and I think it was by and large a positive thing. There were a couple of f#ck ups, true.I think of this whenever I trek to the badlands of Preston and see the campus where I spent prep and grade one. It got completely rebuilt because of the program and now the kids there have a fantastic facility. Similarly the primary school my son went to had a fantastic upgrade of its facilities which were ridiculously antiquated.
Tuscan Leather. Haven't used it for about six months. It's nice.
Did you skateboard to work? It's a fair effort to take that amount of skin off.
Thanks. Yep, 220 is OK. Would need an adapter.Might go into a local Asian grocery and see what it what.
Good little operation Malford.
Might be tempted by something from their outlet.
Yeah, more than likely I'm not looking in the right places!It's the plug that's the issue. I see a few online with an adapter offered.
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