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As long as you are not all in the same room, you'll be fine Elio. Looking good.
Bad Liver and a Broken HeartAs long as it's not a Heart of Glass, or Gold, or Stone, or a Wooden Heart.But Janice Joplin said you could have a little piece of her heart.
Loving the brown ties lately.
Another SF tall story.
At least Gerry's not pushin vintage shoulder thirsted silks.
I posted in another thread that I thought Gerry was killing it at the moment. He's always been well put together but things have gone up a notch (pardon the pun).
Very pensive lately, Gerry.Thinking about life's imponderables? Or the next purchase?
If you email them they are pretty good at responding. Just let them know model and size and they will give you the measurements.
Well, for the record my evening consisted of a three hour meeting with FFV and club officials and then a three hour de-brief with me, the incoming president of our club and the president of the FFV. Got booted out of a cafe in South Melbourne at midnight.We went ps4. Was well received and thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. For the record (version 2), I am a complete spaz at any type of video game (much to the amusement of others).Off tonight to our club's AGM. No...
That's for after he wins.
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