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Not quite tragic. It's a bit like Soap.
Can you put this in your sig. Ta.They sure are. Have looked longingly at them for some time.
'Ol chicken legs in his chaps.
Sexy gay leather boi.
Think about the person who will pick it up at an op shop for $50.
Clothes are overrated.
Obscure leather jackets ripping the thread apart. Lots of hurt and angst. People questioning the meaning of their sartorial existence. Skinny people lashing out at other skinny people. Dads arguing. Great stuff! Keep it up, gents.
That's why they call it a 'junk' box.
It was.I follow the EPL, Serie A, A League, Bundesliga, La Liga, VNPL and Vic North Metro Boys. And keep an eye on a few other leagues as well.And if there are some people in a park having a kick I'll stop and have look as well.
lol.There will be pics of the game on the club's facebook page, but I made sure I was standing next to the photographer, not in front of him!
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