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Wow, somebody has finally worked out what language politicians speak at conferences. Kudos.
Less than a minute and Foxy is on to it.
From left: PoP, fxh, Gerry.
The wombat club.
Fair points, fxh. It's an isaia for a very decent price, but truth be told I'd probably be better off going Romp's place or Oscar's.Not that many interesting Italians blokes around, are there...
[[SPOILER]] Thanks gents.My motivation was around a suit I saw online and was thinking of buying. Jacket was all good, but pants were 34.I probably won't bother because it was 50% linen and I reckon that might make it less forgiving.I did like this: 'thighs like an anorexic supermodel on an ice, cigarettes and lettuce diet'.The missus calls em 'chicken legs'.
Gents, tailoring question. Is it too much of a leap to convert a 34 waist pant to a 32? Will it stuff up the proportions, rise etc?
I wonder if she knows about his coin purse.
Congrats TBM!
Caption time:"Hehe. That Foxy just keeps on buying sh#t.''
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