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That's very funny lefty. Saw Blood Simple when it came out (no premiere for me) and was captivated.
Just stumbled on this. So glad you enjoyed it, I read it when I was about your age and thought it was great as well.
Hope good health returns quickly.
Oxfords.Things without all remedyShould be without regard. What’s done is done.
Perhaps the retail analysts might know what havoc Amazon is likely to wreak when it arrives here? Seems to have cut quite a swathe through US retailing.
Explains the need for dry cleaning.
Clannad always makes me think of...
Before it gets bagged as evidence.
A good piece of story telling focused on a compelling moment in time in Formula 1 history. Some great photography brings a nice dose of reality to the race scenes, and the treatment of the two main protagonists is pleasingly even handed. The binary relationship portrayed was however, to me, a bit over played and lacked nuance, but you can't have everything I suppose. Also found Hemsworth's accent annoying, but maybe only because I remember Hunt's commentary back in the...
I read a long article about their recording sessions and approach once, was exhausting just reading about it.
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