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Yeah, just to clarify, I can buy the watch tomorrow no worries and the missus wouldn't bat an eyelid.Point was more that there's the inbuilt working class default which is you have a list of priorities and no matter that you have the means you tend to tick things off in a sequence, or at least I do.
And that the hands are handmade by hand.
OK, good luck with all that.
It's funny that the financing isn't an issue for us on these relatively small things, but the sense of priority is hard wired. Buy the couch, not the watch. No brainer.
I want my watch entirely built by robots.
Here's my authentic, distressed watch band. Pretty gross.
The watch equivalent of buying torn jeans.
Would love a nice new/used watch, but we need a new couch. And a new (used) car.
We really missed a trick with this new thread. Big time.'Guys - what's up with the Shoes here?' is one of the great opening lines. Right up there with the first lines of Seinfeld - 'See, now to me, that button is in the worst possible spot.'
Thanks to the mods, Razl and anyone else sorting these things out.
New Posts  All Forums: