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The car chase is epic.
Obscure piece of trivia: Former Melbourne TV weather girl, Ilona Komesaroff, makes a brief appearance walking behind Robert Redford.
Melbourne was the first gig. Could have come a day earlier. But, yeah, he's done a very tight smash and grab tour.
70s paranoia produced some really good cinema.
Was appallingly promoted and still sold out.Have to really question his management. Could have easily sold out two shows. I suspect because he had a band in tow they didn't want to take any risks.
We know you live in the dark interior, but is there really a need to start dressing like a frontier farmer?
Looking good. ^
Recital Hall.I've got that history of music CD with the Brtny cover.
Jerry: I always get confused in the movie theater by the, by the plot. It's embarrassing. It's an embarrassment to have to admit, but I'm the one that you see in the parking lot after the movie talking with his friends, going: ``Oh, you mean that was the same guy from the beginning... Ohhhhhhhhhh...'' Nobody will explain it to you. When you're in the theater, you can't find out. [whispering to imaginary friends seated around him] ``Why did they kill that guy?... Why...
He is. Very British in demeanour, self effacing and an extraordinary guitarist.
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