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Agree. Fantastic film.
Reasonably engaging, some odd scenes and photography but great NY locations. Quincy Jones soundtrack.So many people get shot!Bonus poster. [[SPOILER]]
Roll credits.
You remember every detail.
Mr Fox was a big hit in our house as well when it came out. Might watch it again.
Interesting piece.One point I think it may miss is that a lot of people probably see, or saw, the movie as youngsters and found it sort of captivating. My teenage son certainly had that experience (at the end of viewing he stood up and simply said 'awesome') and so did I when I saw it as a teenager. Watching it over the years you have the pleasure of uncovering the layers of meaning, and the flaws, so the author is right in that it is ripe for interpretation.
I think that says a lot about the movie.
Canberra + DFO = *shudder*
I love that place. If there was an international award for most depressing shopping experience it would win the m├ędaille d'or. They should sell tickets to tourists.
New Posts  All Forums: