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Just flicked through that. Some nice watches. Have to say I like the Rolex Air King. Looks big though.
No, I've not seen the movie. Will have to check it out, though I say that about so many films on here!
That's one scary movie poster.
They encourage kids to come along, and we've just about always taken our boy.
Well, that explains a bit.Never seen that type of garb at our schools. Probably a demographic thing, hipster lefty central down here.
Oli hasn't been to parent teacher in a while.
Interesting. Maybe they have coated it in something to keep water, dust etc off and that's affecting it. Washing will be the test I suppose.I search, usually in vain, for really fine (almost unnoticeable) twill white shirts. Soft and a bit more robust than poplin.
Too stiff?I'm still over paper thin poplin.
You scarify a goat?
I'm really over paper thin poplin.
New Posts  All Forums: