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sold - thanks sf
stock 48 shoulders 17.5 pit to pit 21 front length 23.3 back length 25.6 sleeve length 26.1
My friend bought a TOJ0 stock size 48 in black NZ lamb sleeves/black wool body and doesn't fit him at all when he received it. Practically new, worn once inside, with ZERO wait time for a stock size TOJ varsity. Looking for $380 obo w/ shipping, Toronto meet ups preferred. Please email him at amsong91@gmail.com for details and inquiries. Thanks.
Will do in 18 weeks, check out hhenryhhh's in the mean time
lol I hope you weren't using the front cargo pockets as hand warmers with your elbows sticking all out and everything like you're in a straitjacket.And my cwu is lamb, it's pretty worn in and weathered though.
it was really cold
The ToJ life chose me
lazy fit
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