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After a year and a half of actively reading and contributing 556 posts to The Style Forum, I regret to say that I must bid you all adieu. I am working on a variety of projects offline that require my full attention right now. I must cut back on my online time to ensure that these projects succeed. Hopefully, I can return some day in the future and check back in on everyone and all the goings-on at The Style Forum. I want to thank you all for your insights and comments....
Quote: At the risk of being snarky, what do you folks who do not own chinos cut your lawn in? RLPL trousers? Or do you get Jeeves to do it? :-) Jeeves does it. Actually, I think his name may be Manuel, but I've never met him.
Small addition to list. Bump.
Quote: I've been to Georges de Paris's shop.  The simplest answer is that the jacket does not fit. And if the jacket does not fit, you must acquit.
Bush's bulge stirs media rumours A square patch was visible on Bush's back during the debate A bulge in the back of President George W Bush's suit jacket during the first TV debate with John Kerry has triggered rumours that he was wired to get help.
Yeah, these are the cities that WebTrends tells me are accessing my lovely avatar the most, in descending order of unique users.
Do either of you have avatars turned off? Are either of you using AOL or another large ISP?
OK folks, what's in common with these international cities? ------- New York, New York, United States Herndon, Virginia, United States Atlanta, Georgia, United States Toronto, Canada Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States Washington, District of Columbia, United States San Francisco, California, United States Reston, Virginia, United States Denver, Colorado, United States Valhalla, New York, United States Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States Dallas, Texas, United...
Never owned them. Never considered them.
Quote: Cool list, vero. What are you using to resolve those logs to their respective sources? WebTrends.
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