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Hey guys, my wife ordered me a pair of Grenson Derbys that are awesome, but they seem very long. The fit feels okay around the ankle, but there's a lot of toe space. Obviously the toe is very tapered, but is this how the shoes are meant to fit, or should I explore a smaller size?
Brand new Grenson Toms in tan - 9.5UK size as seen here (I attached a photo but here's the web store listing): Got them and they're just a little too big, but their returns policy won't really allow me to send them back for an exchange. I tried them on once, that's it. Still in box with care instructions. I'll pay the shipping.
Just saw these guys on bestwebgallery. Pretty sexy stuff.
I would think, visually, that high tops like Chuck Taylors would make the foot shape appear more gradually, so that might lessen the effect.
Just bought these Adriano Goldschmied jeans, my first decent pair so I'm pretty noobish on denim. I didn't ask them to hem these at all because I'm not sure how much I'd want to at this point. They have a pretty intense stack going on right now. Thoughts on the hem, or just the fit in general?
I wish. I would have had to go at least 4.5 hours to see Dulli on this tour.
Art director. Sort of a split between print and interactive as I'm one of the few in the agency that knows Flash.
First, why do people think that the President and his wife should be regular people? There was this huge right-wing backlash against Obama because he was "elitist" (as opposed to the Yale-legacy oil tycoon born with a silver spoon in his mouth G.W.), and it's like, he's the fucking President. He should be elitist, the President is elite. Second, I sure hope that none of these arguments against Michelle spending too much money on clothes are politically charged, because if...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gene Parmesan It's actually dubstep in the truest sense of the genre, in that most modern stuff that people consider dubstep is a newer variation on a very old genre. Well I've argued this with my friends too. And it doesn't help that I don't really know what Dubstep is - I think of Burial. Basically the Wiki page for Dubstep reads: Quote: Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in...
"I Don't Want Love" - The Antlers
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