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Anyone care to suggest something that is similar to the Common Projects Officer Boot from a few years ago? Never got to buy em and now am looking for something similar in distressed leather/nubuck to go with my TOJ double rider. These are the boots I am talking about:
What's the shrinkage like on that red, white, and green shirt? Anything like the red and blue tatersalle?
Thanks, I had no ideas those existed.Now has anyone waxed any of their canvas rivets? I was thinking of waxing the black canvas rivets to go along with my TOJ leather. Thoughts?
Any chance of making service pants in the Cramerton cloth or canvas?
Anyone know how the shrinkage is on the blue tatersalle? Is it going to shrink in length and waist a bit like the last run of the red and blue ones?
Anything ever come about with the TOJ Jordans/bball shoes?
Yea 7UK. I'm a 7.5 or 8UK in Millers and a 9US in All-Stars. I guess I'll wait for a 41 boot to come up for sale. Thanks.
Sure, how does it compare to a 7 PS Corso?
How does the sizing compare to other shoes/boots (chucks, Paul Smith etc)?
Any chance we could setup e-mail alerts for when items with a certain keyword are posted in B&S?
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