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yeah i came out of the womb feet first, so got a "Lobb on" right there and then.
do you have 15.5" collar? i might have your shirt. no, just kidding but i would highly recommend cottonwork. take your (2nd) best fitting shirt, measure it yourself, order the cheapest fabric type, measure the new shirt when you get it, wash it, see how it fits and then tweak the measurements (an inch less waist or whatever) and your second shirt should be near perfect. I have been dealing with them for about 6months and my second shirt was lost in the mail - they gave...
very nice. this makes you look very tall, i would prefer a shorter jacket but thats a matter of taste. very nice.
you asked a forum for advice so clearly you dont like the suit. plus if you're going to wear a suit like that you might as well purchase a fedora, some cigars and move to chicago.
have you tried the watchuseek forums?
Congratulations on your first MtM shirt. Yeah something wrong with those shoulders. And the forearms/cuffs look a little baggy for your "style". Keep in mind the fabric on the test shirts is usually awful so the fits are a little stiff. Perhaps the armholes need to be higher, there should be a measurement you gave for that. Maybe also reduce the shoulder length a bit The mid section fit is a personal style choice but I would maybe add an inch to the hips. It would reduce...
I wouldn't wear that watch if someone gave it to me for free. Rolex makes good watches but they are by no means the best. A solid gold watch is definitely not classy. For that kind of money he should get a limited edition tourbillon that won't lose its value exponentially. for that kind of money you should tell him to look into Breguet, Patek, Frank Muller, Richard Mille. If he likes flashy then Hublot, Audemars, Ulysse Nardin, Parmigiani... but over $10k for a watch is...
bump their website quotes £450 for bespoke. basted and all. they also have a good deal of history as tailors to the british military when they still had HK. anyone had any experiences?
Thanks Macallan, this is my question exactly. Why would C&D's MtM be better than someone else's?? I agree Reiss is usually poor quality and overpriced, but on the surface all these half canvassed MtM seem all the same to me? If you argue that it is the person taking the measurements then I would say the guy at Reiss used to work at Kilgour before. I think James used to be an accountant?
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