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if you are going to get a GM, get a contagiri, the only semi-original watch they have. these guys are more serious on the movements but still ETA, you might like them
i'll end this discussion. gents, i was in peru for christmas and went fabric shopping and also met the live animals. i went with locals to posh places and then to a village market. At the cheapest place vicuna fabric starts at $1200 a meter up to $2000 depending on the weight. And this is from cheap local mills, not loro piana. very few shops even sell it due to the complete lack of demand. sure its very fine etc. but the real reason for this price is not so much the...
did some browsing today. the good stuff (savile/jermyn) was closed by the time i got out of work. only thing that i saw of interest was a sample sale churchs had with soft shoes at £90 and hard for 160. unfortunately the shoe i liked was scratched up. (could that be cured with good polishing or dnt bother?) also found a C&J on sale at (surprise) kurt geiger but alas only narrow fitting. ive decided sales are just depressing. you gotta make arrangements with the shop to...
i believe pure wool blend refers to a mixture of different wools. ie. 100% wool but maybe not 100% merino wool
bump anyone hit the sales yet?
Bahrain is nice but completely vacant. Get on a gulfair or airarabia flight and go to dubai for the weekend. Loads of tailors there. Just type Essentially a little india. They tend to be able to source decent fabrics but have no eye for style/taste. I recommend taking a nice suit that fits you and just asking them to copy it. They'll probably do it in a few days. note: hand stitching in this case may not always be preferable. from timeout: TAILORS IN DUBAI
Question 1: suits Someone mentioned they got a Huntsman RTW for £600 in a sale in some thread and I was wondering if anyone knew what sales are generally available in jan on/off the Row. And do any tailors have bespoke/mtm discounts? Question 2: shoes Do the "good" shoes ever go on sale? C&J, Church's?
i suggest the alternative, oft-mentioned yet rarely seen horizontal dart. This is taken around the entire circumference of the shirt around the chest and achieves the objective of raising the narrower waist section upward in effect tightening the fit around the chest area. now let me see if i can find a picture online... note: this is why i always order my shirts extra long to account for potential horizontal darting
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