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so I take it between Level 2 and 3 it is down to personal preference, experience and the individual shoe? let me ask then what you would recommend in terms of type? Cap-toe, brogue, monkstrap, loafer?
when you're putting on your tie, keep the top shirt button undone, flip up the collar and tie the tie just above the top button, then when you flip the collar and button the top button, the tie will be as high as possible on your neck, allowing a good collar to roll instead of being pushed out.
Thanks for the reply, so are you saying its definitely worth it to go for Level 3 instead of 2? The difference is noticeable in terms of comfort and appearance, or just personal pleasure?
Quote: Originally Posted by NotoriousMarquis No, I can find much cheaper OTR shirts that are pretty decent quality. What do I give up to save $30? I have no real income, so essentially, a whole other shirt. Honestly, save the $30shirt and get a nice $60 shirt. I have only tried Cottonwork and would recommend them on service and price for quality.
would you go to a store, buy a suit, get home to realize it was the wrong size, pay to get it altered and then take it back to the shop?
I live and work in London and have to wear dress shoes + suit everyday. So I am looking for a pair of shoes that look professional and wear well in the shtty london weather... This is how I see it and I'd like to get feedback from forum members on what they would suggest. Level1 £75 to £150 - Loake, Clarks, high street etc. Level 2 £150 to £200 - Barker, Grenson, Cheaney, Sargent Level 3 £250 to £350 - Church, CJ, Trickers Level 4 £350+ Lobb, EG,...
arent those the folding ones? i would guess those would cost too much to fake plus fake ones' screws would get loose after repeated use so you would probably have realized by now...
Seiko makes the best automatic watches under $100... my opinion they also make the finest auto over $5k as well (the spring drive movement)
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from what i see they sell 4 polo shirts. i think you should really get into them. get all 4. it really looks like prices will skyrocket. also be sure to pick up the limited edition christmas bauble, that will be worth a pretty penny in a few years.
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