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am i the only one looking at those two pictures and not seeing the guy?
seeing as no one has posted any worthwhile reply... the vintage watches' value will depend very highly on their condition. main concern is rust. scratched glass/crystal is easily repaired, as is polishing the cases. the dials look fairly legible and i dont see any glaring water damage. I assume none of these are actual gold which of course would make them worth more.... in good working condition i would say you should at least aim for: $500 for the Heuer stopwatch -...
interesting to hear this, I last ordered from cottonwork in feb and got 3 perfect shirts, they even accomodated things like different cuff sizes and unavailable options on their website. i have noticed prices are noe $20 more. to be fair it is still cheaper than most other online mtm tailors. maybe you had a bad experience?
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood I personally stay away from Moss. Everything is built down to a price, better value can be had from TM Lewin (Blue Label) and Charles Threwytt (Black Label) at the same price point. For reference I have worked in all three establishments. Thanks Blackhood. I am not too concerned about the pricing, more the quality. The reason being the Zegna suit there fit me as well as my bespoke suit so I don't mind not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kamapuaa No. If you don't currently have a suit and you're getting into it, go to a decent place and get a grey or charcoal suit. They should be able to size you right. Certainly I've had suits that fit well from places I had never been to before. You imagine a false dichotomy. It's not like the only options are $260 suit or $1500 + travel expenses for WW Chan. Get something good but not more than you can...
Quote: Originally Posted by brewstafari Interesting... In the states i'd say they are (although I should speak for myself on this forum!). Their cashmere more than their wool, but their wool as well. In the past few years it seems like they've degraded their brand selling lower-end wools to stores like Moss & Brooks Brothers. I'm going to swing by later today. There was a Zegna suit there with a pattern I fell in love with for about 350....but in...
i agree with donald. dont try to run or swim to the office in your suit either
Could someone please list some other UK websites where quality suit fabrics can be bought? like this one for Minnis: http://www.hfwltd.com thank you
interesting, never seen shoes for the 3 footed man?
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