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thank you, i will check out boss and RL any others?
I am looking for thin ties. I dont mean narrow, I mean ties that can be tied with very small knots - kind of like old 60's italian style/mad men hope that make sense.
what is the difference between the G9 and the G10?
I would like to know as well. Anyone? thanks
The collar could also be half a size too small - this is also evidenced by the . Most people dont realize that the collar should actually be a little loose and the tie should "squeeze" the collar The effect is as if the collar points are being pulled out/back, putting strain on the button and bending the front.
shoes, like clothes, have a primary purpose which is functional and a secondary purpose which is visual. "classic style" is fashion that stick to the functional aspects derived from nature whereas "modern style" favors the visual over the practical. Does a neon pink polystyrene suit breathe and drape like wool. No. But you might be considered "fashionable" so people will wear it. The same with pointy green burnished leather shoes or stiletto heels. They are uncomfortable,...
If you are not a frequent wearer of suits with considerable knowledge as to why mohair is better in the summer or why fat people need longer gorges etc., going bespoke is hardly going to be worth it - in my opinion. There are 3 kinds of people that go bespoke: "The Rich" - People with money to burn and no clue about suits (ie. famous people). "The Educated" - People with in-depth knowledge and obsessive sartorial tendencies (ie. some people on this forum) "The Tourists"...
Apologies, my expertise only extends to the London market. I have no experience with Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren although they do seem to come highly recommended. As far as suitsupply is concerned , i think they make a very nice suit for the money. Construction-wise the RTW line is all half canvassed and solidly stiched together. The fabrics are mostly VBC which is not the top end by any means, but probably good value and perfect for frequent work wear. Anything less...
I think he is wearing Merkel's old clothes.
A lot of time is spent discussing what the best suit is and what tailors do what etc etc. however I feel that there are a lot of casual visitors who come seeking answers to questions or looking for some simple introductory advice (before being sucked in to the sf abyss). At least this is why I first arrived, and hence this is the answer I would have liked to have seen to the questions, "what is the best suit i can get for £xxx" or "im a student, what is the first suit I...
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