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nice, keep us posted. and enjoy
Hi David, I bought an off the rack suit from suit supply and got the sleeves, pant length, pant waist and suit chest altered (£300 total) and had a MtM from CAD (£650). The CAD suit had to have several appointments, alterations and re-alterations (10 weeks) whereas the suitsupply suit fit perfectly and was ready in a day. I think this is because at SS the in-house alterations tailor is right there. He takes the measurements and then does the cutting and stitching with you...
PINK has marginally better fabrics and choice than TM Lewin for example, construction is pretty much the same. TM Lewin shirts usually retail for £25 and Pink is usually £75+ Pink shirts are only worth it during christmas when the non-solid colors are 50% off. IMO
cowboys and construction workers wear jeans. prisoners wear bright orange jumpsuits. they look really comfy, why dont you wear that to work?
I acquired 4m of Alpaca wool and was wondering if anyone could recommend a tailor in London to make it into a nice DB overcoat with a bit of style? and what would it cost for just labor + buttons etc? thanks
hi, i went through the same analysis so perhaps i can share my experience as I have dealt with both. CATD and SS are two very different companies so it really depends what you want. If you want made to measure (where they take your measurements and make a suit exactly your size in china) then go with SS. They have infinitely more experience and the the larger scale operations mean you get a much cheaper price. I think MtM starts at £400 where as CATD MtM starts at £550...
thank you. so no risk of getting unsold summer sale items if i were to go these days? going during the week wont be possible... unfortunately i have a job
best time to go to minimize crowds and maximize availability in normal sizes?
richard mille
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