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Are the Mabitex cotton or wool? Thanks.
I have a question about the resale value of used suits. I've tried searching the forums but haven't had much luck. I'm interested in this suit listed in B&S: It's used (worn 5 times) but in good condition without any flaws. I don't really know what it's worth and I'd like to offer a fair amount. "Retail" is above $1000, but they go around $400-450 new. Thank you for your time.
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PM'ed on #5
Nearly perfect fit, if only the sleeves were a bit shorter. Surgeon's cuffs are great unless you have to alter them. Could you tell me how far the button holes are from the end of the sleeve, and how much the sleeve can be shortened? A picture showing the end of the sleeve would be nice. Thank you.
I'm interested in the top coat, I'll send you a PM.
Could you provide your height and weight? I wondering if this would be a proper fit for me. Lots of posts here suggest sizing down on Sterlingwear, my suit size is 36S so I'm curious if this will fit or if I need a 34S.
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