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yeah thats lookin good, but the price is "too good" for me, LOL
haha yeah thats a good idea. no problem, thanks Equator from osawabekko? check this one. cmiiw
too bad no one stockist of them in my country thanks for your response
i had check on O&X and its make make confused, too many brands on there. Eco by Modo and Modo dont have the same model with what i want.if i extend my budget to $200, What brands would you recommend?another question, Dita Eyewear and Salt Optical are worth for their price?
maybe depends from the price, for and have a model something like this,or this one,
Hi, anyone know how to spot fake Moscot especially Lemtosh? Thanks
Hi, can someone decribe to me which one more worthed, between Moscot and Warby Parker? Warby Parker, they claimed offer the best quality for reasonable price. and Moscot, i think every body know their quality because their a big brand for glasses. but i think i dont need "buy" the brand, i just need buy the quality glasses. or maybe someone have any experience with Warby Parker and can review it to me? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Harbin ^i not do know, but you have if check on Nordstrom rack, they do got it doscount sometimes on clarks DB hmm i think need someone to help me to get it, because i live far away from Nordstrom rack. haha. maybe next time when i need the new one
Quote: Originally Posted by dernsaw Just picked up my first pair ever at Nordstrom Rack in Clackamas, OR for $30.00. I love them. wow, how can you got it for just $30? i have check on Nordstrom web, they dont have any doscount on clarks DB
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