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back for the first time in a year, maybe 2 since i used this site regularly, what the hell happened to it?!?!like revision number 3! i last used this when i was in college. anyways recent thrifts: Bally Loafers, in oxblood 9don't fit im going to throw them on ebay) Florshiem barletta boots 9.5D
Man this website has changed, haven't been back here since I graduated college, or been thrifting for that matter (low on cash). but anyways today was the first time back in awhile Found an amazing Made in England navy peak lapel ventless double breasted sport coat with a red lining had brass buttons from chester barrie
anyone else think of this song when you visit the thread?
Found this weird jacket. Silver buttons that say Brioni Roma it's like a de constructed herringbone, and it's not a damaged herringbone since I found this fabric scrap in the pocket with a number tag sewn to it it's double vented too. fits me perfectly but I have no where to wear it. also found a George nelson clock one of the ones they sold at ross for $15 at the thrift for $8. but 3 fins are broken missing so im going to DIY every other fin twice the size and display...
yeah the #menswear guys on tumblr really love LEC for some reason haha
Do you guys grab Land's end Canvas? i grabbed a shirt from them since the nearest retailer to me is 100+ miles away and it was a size medium shirt
hey guys, do you pick up older ties with this label? the picture is not mine but i passed up on a few older unique looking made in italy ties with this label thinking it might be licensed.
Really love the maui jim case, shame i don't actually have a pair I'm using the Ray ban case (its a black wayfarer case) for a pair of wayfarers i bought at nordstrom rak last month
Not a bad day today Salvatore Ferragamo tie John Varvatos Star Usa Tie Barneys new york tie all made in italy Patagonia Nylon swim trunks in orange Maui Jim Sun glass case Ray Ban sun glass case
you guys hiring?discount on anything?would love to get a hookup!
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