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pm me what you have and at what price. I'm interested in Dead Space Dead Space 2 COD Black Ops Resident evil 5 but shoot me a pm on any game you want to get rid of. I also want a strategy guide to both bioshocks, mass effect 1 and 2.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese behold my mastery of the clone stamp What tank man?
Shirt dropped to 35 bucks and pants 20
Shirt dropped to 40 bucks This shirt in L. Perfect condition washed twice. Great shirt slim fit I just have lost a lot of weight and this needs to scoot. 45>40 bucks shipped USA Jeans are 33/34 I borrowed the pics from angry robot who I bought them from. 25 bucks shipped USA.
could you guys reccomend some slim shorts that are cheap and reasonably attractive and some nice espradilles also on the el cheapo end.
Yo guys I got a twenty percent off code if anyone wants it
This is the shirt pattern. Shirt is in good condition. No stains and such. No wear on it that i notice. Its custom fit small. Gimme 35 for it and I'll front shipping up to 5 dollas cause im po. USA only. PM me if you interested. Me wit da shirt.
Do Gant Rugger shirts fit like the regular Gant shirts?
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl wore this today: i just got these viktor and rolf pants in from ssense. checking to see if i should keep or not. they have the waist pinned at the back by the tailor. these are meant to be drop crotch/harem pants. [[SPOILER]] I like that first fit cept the tuck. That jackets dope.
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