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Quote: Originally Posted by halisray Hey Angry, is that lambo or calf? Also, it looks a bit tight on you, is it Just curious - I really like it all blacked out! It's lamb. It actually doesn't feel tight, although it looks that way. I think it just drapes on the shape of my body closely, and so looks that way. The only place I feel any tightness is in the lats, and even there it's not bad.
Thanks for the advice, guys. I was wearing boots in the previous pics (black cherry Red Wing GTs), but they're probably not edgy enough for a DR. I doubt I should cuff jeans wearing those, since I'm not, nor have I ever claimed to be, a skinhead. Regarding skinny jeans: they're terrible on me. Due to weightlifting, I can barely get them on, and once they're on, I'm not moving anywhere. Levi 514's are about as slim as I can go. I think part of the unbalancedness of the pics...
Quote: Originally Posted by stinger70 Please reconsider what you wear with the DR. I mean...seriously not doing it justice. Any recommendations?
About five weeks ago I emailed Charly about a blacked out DR in lambskin. He recommended a shortened 49 with larger sleeves. Measurements: shoulders, front\t18.0" shoulders, back\t17.5" chest (pit-to-pit)\t22.0" midsection\t 19.6" waist\t 20.0" body length, front\t21.5" body length, back\t24.0" sleeve length, from shoulder\t24.4" sleeve width @ pit\t7.7" sleeve width @ elbow\t6.7" sleeve width @ cuff\t5.6" For reference, I'm 5'9" and approx. 180-185...
Any doubts I had are now gone. Will definitely go for lamb.
Hi guys, I've read the majority of the thread and am getting ready to cop a DR, but I'm kind of waffling on the question of lamb vs calf. I know the general characteristics of each (because it comes up every few pages), but I'm kind of worried that if I ordered lamb, then I'd be paranoid and scared of something random happening and scuffing/generally ruining it. That kind of worry is a definite steez killer. I also have no idea how many years it can be expected to last,...
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