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If it were only 2.5 m...Love the LL stuff. GLWS. Doug
I've had "mixed" results with Gio. He completely re-engineered a Canali jacket for me that turned out wonderfully, at a fair price. On the other hand, he tried to send me out the door one time with pants that were 4 inches too long (alteration not bespoke). I brought them back for him to fix, and he double charged me for the alterations. In addition, he charged me $360 to adjust the rise on a pair of The one thing I've learned is that he's not good at...
hello, is this new or used? Thanks in advance.
I really wish this was a 46R. GLWS.
I wish they were 8.5...GLWS
wish it were a 56...glws..
nicely done!
Might be a little big for me...could I get some measurements (length, width of sole and inside length. Thanks in advance.
Ufortunately a size too big for me...these are really cool! Crap...
Nice. If these were 8.5's US I would have snagged them already. GLWS.
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