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Because of a mistake on the part of Indochino, they have agreed to a remake so fixing the shoulders won't be a problem.As for taper in the pants, I just don't like the appearance of tapered pants and I don't think my thicker thighs and calves will allow me to go much thinner.Yes, but will the pleats improve the fit of the pants as well? I don't mind the look if it will help the pants drape better. I am especially concerned about the pocket flare.
Yes, I agree so I updated the photos with a more relaxed posture and decided not to mess with the body of the jacket.But how do I fix the pants and how much should I take in from the shoulders?
How much should the pants be let out and from what area, the hips or the thighs?Will taking .25" from the shoulders be enough? or should I try for .5"? I would rather err on the side of too big than too small.I already lengthened the jacket from the first one and I'm worried that it will throw off the balance if I lengthen it any more. I am told that the bottom of the jacket should in general be at the half way point from the collar to the ground. Is that right?
And what do you all think about the lapel width? Is it too skinny or does it work ok for a guy with my body type. So far, here are some of the changes I plan to make. Jacket Lower button stance about 2" (should I do more than this?) Shoulders -.25" Biceps -.25" Wrists +.5" I think I'm going to leave the hips and stomach because I the vents sit closed when I stand in a relaxed posture and instead ask if they can do anything more to compensate for the straighter posture...
How would you recommend I fix them?
2 more questions Should the shoulders of the jacket be taken in? How do you get rid of the wrinkles in the back of the thighs. It seems to me like it has more to do with the angle of the pants than the width. It seems wide enough to me and is comfortable enough when talking around and sitting. They have agreed to a remake so they can lower the button stance (which they were suppose to do before) and the angle of the arms. I would like to know what other things I should...
updated with a little more relaxed posture. The pants looks a little better sitting a little lower on my waist. Its not so tight in the seat. Also it was a little windy so some of the shots make the pants look wider than they actually are.
If you can find me a decent tailor that can make me a 3 piece suit for $400, I will definitely give it try
I will try to take some more picture with a more relaxed posture and update the photos tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion, I do think its fits better with a more relaxed posture.
Thanks for the input What would you suggest in improving the suit if I could ask for a remake or alterations from the tailor?
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