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Just a heads up on a great price for BNWT Orlebar Danes from ebay seller DollyDeb. I got mine for $110 shipped. She has multiple sizes and colors so pm her to see if she has what you need. She was super accommodating for me, and made a special trip to the post office to ship out within an hour of me paying, so I wanted to see if I could direct any business her way.
I see this kind of thing all the time. One store I go to STAPLES their price tags through leather belts. 3 or 4 staples at a time. Security tags through leather shoes etc. Its infuriating. Never seen a tag directly through the front of a tie though. Thats rick dickulous.
A1 Pair of Kicking Mule Workshop jeans. (Non-selvedge) New with tag from the 2010 line. Yellow pocket and waistband lining. 4 Button fly. 1 visible rear logo rivet. The rest are hidden. Asking $75->60 shipped to CONUS. These are Chinese made, but from Japanese denim. Tagged size 33L Measurements using BIG method. Waist - 34" Inseam - 34" Front rise - 10.5" Rear rise - 16" Upper thigh - 12" Knee - 10" Leg Opening - 10.5"
Asking price dropped.
Asking price dropped by $35.
Price dropped.
Asking price dropped by $75, hopefully for a quick sale.
As far as logos go, the alligator is pretty darn cool. Other than that, I've never found anything else particularly outstanding about Lacoste fabrics or cuts. Pretty average polo shirts at massively inflated prices? Blah.
Alright! How do you respond to allegations that you made a pair of bespoke tassled loafers out of baby seal leather for a shady middle eastern businessman with ties to al-qaeda? This is an outrage! AN OUTRAGE!
I got my white bucks the other day. Just beautiful. (Thanks Ron!) I have to admit though... I'm scared to wear them. What is the consensus on protective sprays/coatings on suede/nubuck? Is there anything out there that will make them harder to stain, without ruining the texture?
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