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Does that shaft look like wood to you? Nah. That's SAB's golf model. And not a very appealing pattern imo.
Bump for really nice skin. If I thought I could live without a coin pocket I'd buy this.
^^Certainly looks like it. Nice punchwork too. Good find.
Lewis & Thos. Saltz Pure Cashmere overcoat. Pretty much mint. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah. You'd probably be at the Versace house all day.Where on earth do you get all that stuff by the way? Some of the furniture pieces I've seen you list boggles my brain.Based on this thread, and comparing labels, it appears so
Yeah I know. I'm not planning on living here forever though. And in the meantime, I've got a nifty strategy called "almost never be outdoors".
MY SIZE! I just snagged it. Looks gorgeous. Thanks for the head's up.
Yesterday I found a pair of Black Alden Loafers... in size... 16.5 Any giants on the forums interested before I throw them on the bay?
Item: One Vintage Jaeger sport coat. Color is a light "brick" Ventless Patch Pockets 2 Button 70/20/10 Wool/Polyamide/Cashmere Fully lined in 60/40 Viscose/Acetate Condition: Excellent. The only flaw is the right inside pocket is missing the closure button. Otherwise mint. Size and measurements. Tagged 46S which works out to a US 38 S. I normally wear a 38 and this is big in the shoulder for me. Chest - underarm to underarm - 20.5" Shoulders - 19.25" Sleeves -...
1 Pair black Identical pairs of Alden Shell Cordovan full strap loafers. Size 10 D Aberdeen last. Got these thrifting. Condition - No scuffs or scratches. Both pairs have some folds at the outer heal edge. Makes me think they weren't stored with trees or maybe didn't fit the previous owner right. 5 broken stitches where the strap meets the edge of the shoe. Easy repair. As always, photos tell it better than I can. Asking $175, shipped to CONUS Brown 10.5's sold
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