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Ok, I'm totally neurotic about this, I admit. But I'm afraid form must take a back seat to function in this matter. I have the following requirements - Wallet must be no more than 3.25" in height, to ease getting in and out of front pocket. (I don't know how you people use the 4" square ones" - Wallet must have only one bill compartment. (I just put my bills in order. I don't need a divider adding extra bulk. - Must be bifold, with no additional flaps or flip up...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Senator Giroux One question, however: One of the pairs of shoes I got, when I wear them for a little while, start to reek of cigarette smoke. Anyone have a clue on how to get rid of the smell? I bought a jack spade bag a week ago that reeks of tobacco. I set it on top of an ion producing air filter for a few days, and now its 90% gone. In another week it should be undetectable. Assuming you don't have an...
Marked a size Medium. 5 hole strap fits 28"-32". Here's a link to the Jeweler's work. http://www.pearlmansjewelers.com/jew...ckles/05E7/21/ There's a few up on ebay atm. Not quite ready to part with mine yet. http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=kie....c0.m270.l1313
Miami. I've been lurking these forums for a while and its definitely helped me learn what to look for. Other stuff I've found over the last few weeks: - $1350 Balanced Body pilates chair. Paid 75. - Moon Motif Thurston Braces - Paid $3. - 2x Brooks Brothers bracers - Paid $3 each. - 2 Pairs Tods Sneakers in my size. $6 each. - 1 Pair Tods driving loafers - $12 - 5" wide Turnbulle Tie $1 - 6x J Press Ties. Sold the wide ones. Kept the narrow ones. - Trafalgar...
Costume National Boots - 11 Dollars. Soles are starting to come loose from the uppers. Not nearly as well constructed as I would expect from a $700+ pair of shoes. Kieselstein-Cord Sterling Silver Toad Belt Buckle on Alligator Strap. 50 cents. Hideous, but costs $950 new. Dolcepunta Soft Point tie. Pink on black. $1 Aquascutum Grey Windowpane 2 Button. $9 Not my size so on ebay.
To me, putting on a pair of docs is kinda like putting on a uniform. Its a little bit more of a "statement" than I like to make. No offense to anyone who feels differently. I do like them on girls though.
J Crew 4 pocket, medium. A little boxy for my shape I think. Too big around the waist.
Oh well. At least I only spent 7 bucks on it. Doesn't fit me anyway. I'll throw it on ebay. Thanks for the fast reply.
I know this is a longshot, but can anyone ID the maker of this peacoat? The label is damaged and I can only make out certain words. I've turned up the contrast to make it more legible. It says "standard method", "made in usa", and a line to write in your name. Its got anchor motif buttons. Any ideas? Anyone recognize this label?
Hello. This is my first post. Thought I would show my shoe collection. Mostly ebay or thrift store scores. Top Row: Quoddy Moccasins, Tod's Boots, Wesco Jobmasters, Vintage Frye Zipups Second Row: Loake Fontwell Black, Loake Fontwell Brown, Vittorio Ricci/Artioli Snakeskin, Quoddy Brown Brogues Third RowHunt Club Cuban Heels, Unknown Brand Burgundy Oxfords, Loake Split Toe Boots, Born Brown Boots Bottom Row: Asics Running Shoes, Tods Sneakers, Tods Sneakers,...
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