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Quote: Originally Posted by JohnShaft I hope I'm not just being slow on the uptake but I read all the text. Are you asking $65 per pair or $65 total for all of them? Sorry for the confusion. I intended it to be 65 each, now 60 each. Apparently several other people thought I meant for the group as well. I'll consider offers. Thanks.
I recently acquired 4 pairs of Oxxford trousers. They are extremely well made, and in very good, gently used condition. I am asking $65>50 per pair shipped. $150 for all 4. I am including here, detailed photos of a 5th pair in bright blue. It is shown only for the cut and details. It has staining on the right leg that I didn't notice until now, so I would not be comfortable selling it. Each pair is very similar, but not identical. I will explain the differences. All...
Got this T&A tie and the leather box its sitting on for <$8. The tie required a little repair, stitching coming apart at the back, but I love the pattern. The box is my new shoe polishing kit. Perfect size. Cloth interior. Leather outside. Great stud closure. Also picked up a Sulya trench coat with leather collar. Some stains though, so I'll have to see how it looks when I get it back from the dry cleaner.
1 Aquascutum Peacoat made for Saks 5th Ave. - Asking 210 Shipped to CONUS 65% Wool 25% Synthetic. 10% Cashmere. Fully lined in 100% Viscose. Navy style buttons. 4x2 2 Outside pockets with inner coin pocket. 1 Inner pocket. Condition: Mint. Just needs a roll with a lint brush. Measurements: Shoulders - 18" Chest - laid flat - 21.5" Sleeves - Collar to cuff - 33" Shoulder to cuff - 26" Length -...
For sale, a number of button up long sleeve shirts. All prices are shipped to CONUS. All conditions are "excellent lightly worn" with no stains or damage unless specifically stated. All pictures beyond the first will be in spoiler tags, to make browsing easier. If you need additional measurements or photos, let me know. Thanks. 1. Mariano Rubinacci for Bergdorf Goodman 100% Linen Long Sleeve Shirt L Asking 40 Measurements: Neck - 16 3/8" Chest - laid flat - 23.5" ...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy How about something in a similar brown suede. The colors compliment/match each other but you aren't a match in the skin. Wow. That shoe/sock/pants combo is just perfect.
that photo has "persistent SF meme" written all over it. Edit: ok... this keeps getting better and better. bwahahaha!
As a small guy myself, (5'8", 140), nothing looks worse than swimming in a shirt that's too big for you. It doesn't look good on the "ghetto hip hop" guys you're referring to, and it'll look worse on you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Staatsoper What size is the jacket? Its marked 52 (EU) (so like 40/41) Regular, Drop 7. But the sleeves really are short. They're 23", shoulder to cuff. And doesn't look like you can lengthen them at all actually. The spare fabric falls away when you get around to the buttons. I got an idea. Short sleeve sport coats. For maximum sprez.
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