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Price drop.
I'm curious whether the particular punchwork designs on brogue shoes have distinct names. Do certain makers have proprietary patterns? Who designs them? I wasn't able to find any library or collection that showed them, so I thought I'd start one. Please feel free to contribute, and include the Maker and design if you can. (Please ignore the shameful state of some of these shoes. Many are beaters I got for <5 bucks.) Vintage 70's Quoddy Longwings - Love this pattern....
That sucks, but its not going to stop me from shipping my shoes to him for flush mounts when I get around to it. I haven't seen anyone else willing/able to do it, and I've seen so many pictures of really well done ones, I can't help but write this off as a fluke. An expensive, and aggravating fluke... but everybody has an of day. But of course, I don't have any 3k shoes at risk either... so...
All prices include shipping to CONUS. All hardware may have a couple hairline scratches1. Brooks Brothers Braces - New Old Stock - Sold [[SPOILER]] 2. Paul Stuart Braces. (thinner dressier fabric straps than you might think looking at the photos) SOLD [[SPOILER]] 3. Trafalgar Dress Braces - Black with white stripes SOLD [[SPOILER]] 5. Brooks Brothers Wool Braces - Asking 407. Boy's Size Braces, Welch Margetson for J Press Blue Wool Braces - Asking 251 1/8" x ~40Elastic is...
APC Hipsters sold. Simon Miller M001's added.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hartmann Do you not own sneakers or something? I've got one pair of sneakers that I wear to the gym. Otherwise no. Sneakers are for children and athletics. (:P)
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI They look good with the boots. what are the shoes in the first pic? They're vintage Hanovers. Now defunct shoe company.
Well I finally got ahold of a pair of wings&horns jeans, took them to be hemmed and here's the result. They're hemmed like dress pants. Jeans should be longer right? Standing Seated Crossed Just brutal. Aargh!
1.bring a tape measure to a salvation army. 2. try ties on until you find one the right length. 3. measure it. 4. ? 5. profit
New Posts  All Forums: